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The Earth is the name of the planet in the game Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is divided into an Overworld and an Underworld. It is known to Lunarians as the Blue Planet. It has two satellites: The True Moon and the Red Moon.



The Earth from the Lunar Whale

The Overworld is a location in Final Fantasy IV. It is the name of the surface of the Earth, and it is where most people live.

The Overworld

Battle Backgrounds


"I'd never dreamed there was another world beneath the surface of ours."
Rosa Farrell

The Underworld is one of three locations in the game Final Fantasy IV. It represents the inside of the Earth, and thus is filled with rock and lava. Its main inhabitants are Dwarves, however, a cave leads to a world in which the Summons exist. Airships cannot fly over the lava unless they are coated with Mythril.

The Underworld

Battle Backgrounds


The picture of Earth shown in the GBA release of Final Fantasy IV is actually the famous image of the Blue Marble.


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