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Crooked World

Official Name
Crooked World


First appearance

Marvel Superheroes (UK) #377



Earth-238, also known as the Crooked World, was an alternate earth where Pariament member Mad Jim Jaspers successfully campaigned for the outlawing of superheroes. Jaspers had the ability to warp reality to his will, at the cost of his own sanity. Jaspers created the Fury, a highly adaptable android created to exterminate superheroes. The Fury was programmed not to kill Jaspers. Within two years all the superhumans of the world had been killed by the Fury. The only surviving superhero of this world, Captain UK, fled to Earth-616 and abandoned her heroic identity.

Saturnyne of the Dimensional Development Court and her Avant Guard attempted to give Earth-238 "the Push", an evolutionary boost. When Jaspers unleashed the Jaspers' Warp, a wave of unreality that affected everything in the continuity. Saturnyne abandoned that universe. The Fury was reactivated by Jaspers and succeeded in killing Earth-616's Captain Britain and Jackdaw. Captain Britain was then removed from Earth-238 by Merlyn, then revived and returned to Earth-616. The Fury, somehow detecting this, adapted itself to travel between realities, eventually making it way to Earth-616.

Fearing contamination, Saturnyne's temporary replacement, Lord Mandragon , destroyed the Earth-238, and presumably Jaspers along with it.


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Some of Earth-238's superhumans reference classic British comic characters, such as Marvelman and the Steel Claw.

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