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Earrings as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

The Earrings (イヤリング Iyaringu) are a recurring accessory in the series. It usually appears alone, but has also appeared in the form of various other Earrings such as Angel Earrings and Faerie Earrings. It usually grants magic bonuses.




Final Fantasy VI

The Alarm Earrings prevent Back Attacks and Pincer Attacks. The Earrings increases the amount of damage done by magic attacks by 25% and are stackable.

Final Fantasy VII

The Earrings are an accessory that boosts Magic by 10.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Earrings are an item that raises Magic by 30%.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Earrings give +5 to Magic when equipped, and when 10 are used in Materia Fusion, it gives Zack +1 to his Magic stat.

Final Fantasy IX

Angel Earrings grants +2 Strength and Defense, as well as increases damage from using Holy elemental attacks. It can only be equipped by the females, and teaches the abilities Auto-Regen, MP +20%, and Reis' Wind. The Fairy Earrings is usable by anyone, and grants +2 Spirit and Magic Evasion, +4 Evasion, increases damage done from Wind elemental attacks, and teaches the abilities Body Temp, Level Up, and Regen.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Angel Earrings protects against Instant Death as well as granting +5 Defense and Magic Defense. The Faerie Earrings protects against Confusion and Berserk and grants +8 Defense and Magic Defense.

Final Fantasy XI

There are two slots for earrings. Earrings provide a variety of bonuses; some the best ones available only from special post-mission quests such as "Divine Might" and "Apocalypse Nigh."

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Terra Earrings increases speed of material hunt, while the Moon Earrings increases the amount of AP gained, and Sun Earring makes Traps more effective.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Ruby Earring halves damage from Dark-elemental attacks and protects against Confusion. It grants +3 Defense and +6 Magic Resistance.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Ruby Earring grants immunity to Charm and gives +2 Magic and Resistance. The Earrings of the Dead allows the user to summon Zalera and grants +5 Defense and Resistance.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Daemon's Earring grants Spell Duration +30, the Devil's Earring grants Spell Duration +60, Pixie's Earring gives the enemy Spell Duration -30, and Angel's Earring gives the enemy Spell Duration -60.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Earring is a basic accessory that increases a character's Magic Defense by 15%. The stronger Star Earring increases Magic Defense by 25%.

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