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Eald'narche is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XI expansion Rise of the Zilart. He is the brother of the Archduke of Jeuno, Kam'lanaut.


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Eald'narche is actually Kam'lanaut's older brother. His appearance is that of a young boy, fooling a lot of people into believing he was the younger of the two princes. He also acted as such, evading suspicions. He wears an eye patch over his left eye, as well. These originated from the time when he failed his first attempt to open the Gate to the Gods. Both are Zilart princes and made several (but unsuccessful) attempts to open the Gate. Experiments involving exposure to one of the Mothercrystals stopped him from aging and sealed him into his current form.

Upon the destruction of the Zilart, he and his brother slept frozen in the tower of the Delkfutt's reaction chamber, until many years later when Raogrimm reactivated the crystals. When his younger brother was defeated, he showed no sympathy towards him and referred to him merely as a puppet for the things to come, instead deciding to have Aldo's sister Verena channel the will of the Shadow Lord for his plans.

Eald'narche strongly believed that what he did was the right thing, and even after he was defeated, he attempted to destroy all life by absorbing the crystal cermet pathways of the reactor into himself, intending to release the same Meltdown that destroyed his people long ago on the entire world of Vana'diel. Eventually, he realized his errors and when it was almost too late, Lion sacrificed herself to finally end his evil scheme. The Rise of the Zilart expansion storyline ends after the defeat of Eald'narche.

In the subsequent expansion, Chains of Promathia, the Jeunoan officials do not acknowledge Kam'lanaut or Eald'narche's disappearances, stating that they are either "away" or "busy," and all official matters are instead presided by the Duke Vicarious Eshan'tarl.

However, both Kam'lanaut and Eald'narche reappear in the "Apocalypse Nigh" quest (available only to players who completed both aforementioned expansion storylines and challenged Bahamut), where both are simultaneously fought in a rematch at the Empyreal Paradox.


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