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One of the three assorted covers of the September 2007 EGM magazine.

The September 2007 EGM Halo 3 Story[1] is a long release of Halo 3 information in Electronic Gaming Monthly's September 2007 issue.

Fuzzy scans were released on July 17, 2007, when an employee associated with the printing lines for the magazine took digital camera photographs of the magazine.





  • Brute Prowler: The Covenant Loyalist equivalent of the Spectre. Still a four-seated vehicle armed with a front-mounted plasma cannon.
  • Hornet: A United Nations Space Command gunship. There are two flaps on either side of the vehicle that allow a passenger to stand. It is unknown how it handles and is at least armed with a missile pod.
  • Elephant: The United Nations Space Command analog of the Covenant Scarab walker, described to be like the "Jawa Sandcrawler" of Star Wars. It is drivable, can mount a dozen soldiers and also a Mongoose in its belly, and is armed with a turret. It can respawn troops, and in multiplayer Capture the Flag holds the flag and is also the flag return point. In multiplayer, it is only available on Sandtrap as of right now, and is the only thing specifically mentioned not to be included in Forge.



See the main articles: Sierra 117 (Level), Tsavo Highway (Level), and The Storm (Level)
  • Cooperative: The player in campaign will only be able to play as SPARTAN-117. Four-player cooperative campaign mode (confirmed), the second player plays as the Arbiter, and the third and fourth players will play as two new Elite characters. Halo 3 features both Xbox Live, Split Screen, and LAN Cooperative modes.
  • Brutes: They stay towards rear, commanding lower-ranked species in encounters. Berserking is gone, but they will do a monkey charge if stripped of their technology. Brute Chieftains are now armed with Gravity Hammers and can activate a temporary invincibility power similar to Tartarus of Halo 2.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Brutes can now climb, along with the rest of the Covenant.
  • The Arbiter: "No Raiden moment." Campaign is 100% Chief, with Arbiter in tow for Co-op. The Arbiter won't be selectable solo at all, but he will be playable in four player co-op.
  • Encounters: "There's an encounter at the end of the second mission that you play that has more enemies than the entire first mission of Halo". Claims less drastic distinction between the Now I'm Exploring This Corridor, Now I'm Blowing Up Vehicles parts.
  • Sound: Around 40,000 voice clips too. Cursing used to indicate status.
  • Metagame: Optional campaign gameplay mode where the objective is to gain points by defeating enemies, collecting hidden skulls, and by beating campaign levels on alternate difficulty levels. Statistics are tracked on but not any other leaderboards.


  • Guardian: The map is a Forerunner location hanging in the jungle and "Spiritual Successor" to Lockout (as High Ground to Zanzibar, or Valhalla to Blood Gulch). This map is the "Jub-Jub" Map mentioned in past weekly updates by Bungie's Frank O'Connor.
  • Game Modes: A good amount spent on the customizable gameplay modes. Gravity, spawns, move speed, and even stuff like immunity while within a King of the Hill circle are customizable. Lists stuff like Hamster Crack and Hammer Time, but it's not clear whether these are actually preset modes or just ways of messing with options in Custom games.
  • Sandtrap: Formerly known as "Shrine," this map is the largest in all of Halo game history. Vehicles are on a 15 second respawn timer. It has two mobile bases, complete with flag capture point, 12 spawn locations, weapon, a turret, and vehicles. Players will be able to drive it.
  • Elite model: Larger than Spartan but not so much to gimp yourself. The Elites' hitboxes are "pretty much the same, but not 100%" that of the Spartans.
  • Invincibility: Based on Tartarus purple haze of "don't waste your ammo", allegedly rare in multiplayer. This is possibly a piece of Equipment.


  • Forge is a map editor. You will not be able to make maps, you will simply tweak the existing maps. You may do so by changing weapon spawns, adding geometry (ex: fusion cores) or removing geometry (ex: crates), altering vehicle spawns and tweaking weapons in "minor" ways (confirmed: Ammo capacity).
  • When you are creating your new tweaked map, you may invite people in to play and/or edit the map with you (how this is done is unknown, it is assumed the party leader will assign "players" and "editors" and people who may do both).
  • The "Monitor" who overlooks takes on the role of "God" turning the game into an RTS in a sense, where you overlook the live gameplay and may edit the map real-time around players.

Campaign Details

  • Alliances: Grunts have switched sides again. Hunters may or may not have. Frankie's already confirmed that the Arbiter is the sole elite in the first mission. Bungie has made a specific point about being translucent on who the bad guys are, no leap needed to conclude the giant plant monster(Gravemind) is connected to the parasitic Flood.
  • ARG: It was confirmed to connect to the Halo 3 storyline.
  • Africa: Not much revealed we don't know about. The Covenant are ripping up the Earth to get to the Ark. Appears they've found it by the end of the third mission (which is where the E306 trailer should fit).
  • Scarab: The next level has you and a dozen Marines chasing down a Scarab on the backside of Mongooses firing rockets at it. The Scarab is an unscripted A.I.


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