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E-17d sniper rifle
Production information

BlasTech Industries


E-17d sniper rifle


Sniper rifle

Physical and technical specifications


Usage and history

Rebellion era


Alliance to Restore the Republic

The BlasTech E-17d sniper rifle, or Rebel sniper rifle, was produced during the height of the Galactic Civil War.

Technical specifics

A Rebel marksman using an E-17d

Blasts from this rifle were extremely accurate over long distances and remained coherent enough to provide a long-distance punch. The barrel was perforated along its entire length, giving the weapon a distinctive appearance. Throughout the Galactic Civil War, the weapon was used extensively by Rebel Alliance snipers against Imperial troops.

The E-17d had a higher magnification level on its scope than Imperial sniper rifles but carried a slightly smaller magazine (five as opposed to six rounds).

The lasers fired by the E-17d rifle were bright orange or yellow in color.

The E-17d was similar in design to the DLT-20A blaster rifle occasionally used by Imperial stormtroopers.

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