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A Dyson Sphere is a construct whose inner surface is approximately 1 AU from a star (the entire structure being a little more than 2 AU in diameter). This allows for a very large surface area capable of supporting life. Gravity (through the mass of the structure, or by artificial mechanics) would essentially pull everyone 'down' towards the hull and away from the star. Topsoil, and atmosphere would most likely be present between the hull of the sphere and the star. (TNG episode: "Relics")

Such a structure as a Dyson Sphere would have an internal surface many times the size of all 24th century Federation planets combined. The Federation did not have the technology at the time to create such a construction.

Federation astronomical surveys received infrared signatures that were presumed to be from Dyson Spheres. (TNG video game: Echoes From the Past)

The Dyson Sphere was first theorized by Freeman Dyson.

Miles O'Brien underwent a telepathic "engineer's nightmare" in which he wandered along a sandy desert surface inside one. As for what seemed months, if not years. This illusion was brought on by the pah-wraith aliens that targeted his fragile, vulnerable psyche from his previous Argrathi incarceration. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Millennium; DS9 episode: "Hard Time")

One type of Dyson Sphere would appear to be of different dimensions, as when one falls from the 'top' of the inside of this sphere, gravity pulls that person to the 'bottom' of the sphere rather than to the hull. Also, in this case, a Romulan cloaking device may have been used to hide the sphere, but the gravity well it created would be quite noticeable. (NF novel: Double or Nothing)

The USS Titan stumbled upon the planet of New Erigol, which the inhabitants had attempted to hide using a Dyson sphere like construct around both the planet and the star. Although the covering eliminated visible output from either, it still allowed high energy pulses to escape, allowing for its detection. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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A Dyson sphere is a massive structure completely enclosing a star; such a sphere would contain and absorb its star's total energy output, thus allowing for near-indefinite habitation of its interior. The concept was first theorized on Earth in the 1950s by Dr. Freeman Dyson.

In the 24th century, neither the United Federation of Planets nor any known alien culture has either the engineering ability or the technology to create a functional Dyson sphere.

The first Dyson sphere encountered by the Federation was discovered by the USS Enterprise-D in 2369, located in the Norpin sector. While studying the sphere, the Enterprise crew recovered Captain Montgomery Scott from the wreckage of the USS Jenolin, which crashed there in 2294. (TNG: "Relics")

In 2370, Starfleet dispatched the USS Freeman Dyson to study the sphere. (Decipher RPG sourcebook: Worlds)

After being defeated by the Iccobar, the Iconians left their technology and people in ten spheres. (Star Trek: Unity)

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This article uses material from the "Dyson sphere" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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