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Mature dwarven stout is a beer that temporarily increases a player's Smithing and Mining levels by 2. It is the stronger, or 'mature', version of the regular Dwarven stout, which adds only one level to Smithing and Mining. This is especially useful when trying to enter the Mining Guild at 58 Mining. It is also highly prized by players with high Smithing levels, because it allows higher rune items to be made, such as level 97 Smithing to make the prized rune platebody. A mature stout may also be used to install armour in a player-owned house if players can drink it to attain the required Smithing level. This item can also be used to raise your Smithing level by 2 so you are able to smith an Adamant med helm on the south-east Varrock anvil near Aubury's rune shop with only 71 Smithing to complete one of the hard tasks of the Varrock diary.

When brewing Dwarven stout, there is a small chance that it will turn out mature. As maturation occurs during the brewing process, leaving normal ale in the vat after it has finished brewing will not cause it to turn mature or go bad. The chance of getting a mature ale can be increased by adding the stuff to the vat just prior to adding the hops.

Dwarven stout can be made from four Hammerstone hops, which can be obtained from Farming.

Players receive 2 pints of Dwarven stout(m) as a reward in the Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest.



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