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The Dwarven Stout is a drink that boosts a player's Mining and Smithing skills, though it seriously addles the melee combat skills. It is sold at the Rising Sun Inn in Falador, the King's Axe Inn in Keldagrim, the Burthorpe Games Room and the Toad and Chicken in Burthorpe. While it can be found under White Wolf Mountain, it can also be brewed. The effect of the dwarven stout lasts from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

An interesting fact about the Dwarven stout is that while it costs 3 coins to buy in Falador, it sells for 102 coins each on the Grand Exchange. It also sells fairly quickly, making this a possible money making method, although it is not the most efficient method due to the large number of clicks involved.

It is possible to enter the Mining Guild after drinking a Dwarven stout if a player has level 59 Mining. The positive effects of the stout do not stack, but the negative effects do - meaning that regardless of how many stouts are imbibed in a row, the player will only see a maximum boost of +1 to their Mining and Smithing skills; similarly, drinking many stouts in succession will soon leave the player with Attack, Strength, and Defence levels at zero.


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