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Dwarven Mine
File:Dwarven mine entrance.PNG
Location Entrances at east Falador and north-west of Barbarian Village
Members only? No
Rocks 5 Clay rocks
11 Copper rocks
10 Tin rocks
9 Iron rocks
11 Coal rocks
2 gold rocks
2 Mithril rocks
3 Adamantite rocks
Monsters Scorpions, King scorpions
Requirements None
The entrance to the Dwarven Mine

The Dwarven Mine (called the Dwarven Mines on the RuneScape world map) currently contains every ore except silver, runite, and special ores like blurite. It is one of the largest of the major mines. Competition for ore can be fierce. In Free-to-play worlds, it is often difficult to mine a single iron, coal, or gold rock before being beaten to it by a high-levelled player. On Member worlds, competition often involves the gold, mithril, and adamantite rocks.

The southern end of the mine near the Mining Guild entrance is dangerous to lower- and medium-level players, as there is a severe infestation of aggressive Scorpions and King Scorpions. Players need a combat level of 65 to be left alone by the king scorpions so they can mine peacefully. Players with a mining level of 60 or higher may access the Mining Guild through the door in the southernmost part of the mine.

In recent times, water melting from Ice Mountain has eroded part of the mine, opening up a chasm to a deeper cave system, the Living Rock Caverns. The caverns can be accessed from the mine.

The Dwarven Mine received a graphical update when the Perils of Ice Mountain quest was released.



The mine is located north of Falador, west of Barbarian Village, and south of Ice Mountain.

Entrances and transportation

The north end of the Dwarven Mine.
The south end of the Dwarven Mine.
  • Main entrance: In the foothills of the Ice Mountain, north of the Falador to Barbarian Village road. Using a Combat bracelet to teleport to the Monastery is a quick way to get to this entrance.
  • Falador Entrance: A building in the far northeast of Falador has stairs down to the south end of the mine. A Falador Teleport is a fast way to get here and to get to the next entrance.
  • South gate: Entrance to the Mining Guild, level 60 Mining required.
  • Mine Cart: Members may use the Mine cart Transportation Network, to enter the mine in the north-west section. This two-way network allows players to travel between the Dwarven Mine and the bustling dwarven capital of Keldagrim. From the cart station in Keldagrim it is also possible to travel to White Wolf Mountain and the Grand Exchange, provided that the Fishing Contest quest has been completed. One fast way to get to the mine is to take the carts from the Grand Exchange to Kelgrim and then to Ice Mountain. (Also, the train station in Keldagrim is next to the carts and thus allows access from Dorgesh-Kaan, provided that the Another Slice of H.A.M. quest has been completed.)
  • After completing the Perils of Ice Mountain quest, a trapdoor route becomes available within the Power Station next to Ice Mountain. It leads to Nurmof's room.
  • The nearest non-member bank is in eastern Falador, via the Falador entrance. The nearest member bank is the Living Rock Caverns (this bank is deposit only).


There are several shops in the Dwarven Mine:




  • Nurmof, who runs the pickaxe shop and the nearby pickaxe machine.
  • Drogo.
  • Cart Conductor.
  • An unnamed dwarf, who runs the general store.

Hura, who runs a crossbow shop (member's only)


  • Dwarf, level 10. Numerous dwarves are found throughout the mines. (These are monsters, not NPCs, as clicking on them attacks them.)
  • Dwarf gang member, level 48 (members' only). Several hang out with Hammerspike.
  • Scorpion, level 14. These are aggressive towards players with a combat level of less than 29.
  • King Scorpion, level 32. The two king scorpions are aggressive towards players with a combat level of less than 65.


A map of the caves under the dwarven mine and the mining guild, with all ores labelled.

Low-levelled ores, such as copper, clay and tin rocks are all located south of the main entrance (from the Ice Mountain). The higher level ores, such as Coal, gold, adamant and mithril rocks are near the Mining Guild. 2 gold rocks are located to the east of the Mining Guild. 5 coal rocks may be found to the west of the entrance. Slightly north-west, there are 3 adamant rocks, 2 mithril rocks, 3 Iron rocks, and 3 coal rocks. To the east, there is the Falador entrance. Further north, there are iron, tin, copper and 3 coal rocks.

Other features



  • You can see the magic axe section of Taverley Dungeon from the area with Dwarf Gang Members.
  • For low levelled players mining Coal, there is a safe spot where King Scorpions can't go. It is south of the agility shortcut on the right side, but north of the cluster of the four Copper ore. (Beware that players under level 29 will be attacked by level 14 Scorpions)
  • You can see the Draynor manor basement (where you kill Count Draynor in Vampire Slayer) from the stairs going up to Falador.

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Dwarf Mines
Image:Dwarf Soldier.gif
Near City: Kazordoon
Location: West and below Kazordoon.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Level Skills Defense
Knights: 8 Attk: 30 30 :Shield
Paladins: 13 Dist: 30 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 13 ML: :Arm/Set
For Dwarf Guards
Level Skills Defense
Knights: 30 Attk: 60 60 :Shield
Paladins: 30 Dist: 60 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 28 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly
Exp Loot



Maps and Pictures
See also: Hunting Places.


The dwarf mines are a group of caves located near or inside the city of Kazordoon. In those places, you'll mainly find all kinds of Dwarves, but there are also some less frequent creatures dwelling deep in the caves.

It is also known that there is a tunnel that takes from Mount Sternum to the mines and the other way around.

The mines have many mysteries, including, but not limited to, the Basilisk and some quests.

The Steam Boat is located deep inside the mines under the city of Kazordoon.

Image:Guard mines.JPG

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Creatures (note that you will only meet witches in the city mine)

Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Deer Image:Deer.gif 0 25 260/260 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Antlers (rare).
Snake Image:Snake.gif 10 15 205/205 Nothing.
Bat Image:Bat.gif 10 30 250/250 Bat Wing (rare).
Wolf Image:Wolf.gif 18 25 255/255 0-2 Meat, Worm, Wolf Paw (rare).
Poison Spider Image:Poison Spider.gif 22 26 270/270 0-4 gp.
Bear Image:Bear.gif 23 80 300/300 0-3 Ham, 0-4 Meat, 0-3 Worms (semi-rare), Bear Paw (rare), Honeycomb (rare), Bag (very rare).
Rotworm Image:Rotworm.gif 40 65 --/305 0-27 gp, 0-2 Ham, 0-2 Meat, Mace, Sword, Bag, Lump of Dirt (semi-rare), Copper Shield (rare), 0-5 Worms (rare), Katana (very rare).
Dwarf Image:Dwarf.gif 45 90 320/320 0-8 gp, 0-2 White Mushrooms, Hatchet, Axe, Leather Legs, Pick, Letter, Studded Armor, Copper Shield, Iron Ore (very rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare).
Dwarf Soldier Image:Dwarf Soldier.gif 70 135 360/360 0-15 gp, 0-7 Bolts, 0-3 White Mushrooms, Soldier Helmet, Shovel, Chain Armor, Crossbow, Dwarven Shield, 0-3 Piercing Bolts (semi-rare), Battle Axe (semi-rare), Axe Ring (rare), Iron Ore (very rare), Dwarven Ring (very rare).
Witch Image:Witch.gif 120 300 --/-- 0-10 gp, 0-8 Cookies, Wolf Tooth Chain, Sickle, Leather Boots, Coat, Cape, Star Herb (semi-rare), Witch Broom (semi-rare) Garlic Necklace (rare), Silver Dagger (rare), Necrotic Rod (rare), Fern (very rare?), Witch Hat (very rare), Stuffed Toad (very rare).
Slime (Creature) Image:Slime (Creature).gif 160 150 --/-- Nothing (turns into a Poison Gas).
Dwarf Guard Image:Dwarf Guard.gif 165 245 650/650 0-30 gp, 0-2 White Mushrooms, Leather Boots, Scale Armor, Battle Shield, Battle Hammer, Steel Helmet (semi-rare), Double Axe (rare), Iron Ore (rare), Axe Ring (very rare), Health Potion (very rare), Small Amethyst (very rare).
Dwarf Geomancer Image:Dwarf Geomancer.gif 265 380 --/-- 0-37 gp, Blank Rune, Magic Light Wand, 0-7 Pears, Studded Legs, Leather Boots, 0-2 White Mushroom, Spellbook (semi-rare), Clerical Mace (rare), Dwarven Ring (rare), Small Sapphire (very rare), Iron Ore (very rare), Terra Boots (very rare).
Giant Spider Image:Giant Spider.gif 900 1300 --/-- 0-115 gp, Bag, Brass Legs, Steel Helmet, Plate Armor, 0-12 Poison Arrows, Spider Silk (rare), Time Ring (rare), Strong Health Potion (rare), Knight Armor (rare), Knight Legs (rare), Platinum Amulet (very rare), Lightning Headband (very rare).

See also: the Mine Hub (connection between some of the mines)

This article uses material from the "Dwarf Mines" article on the Tibia wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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