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Kings of Thais

Yorik I Known for outlawing gambling.

Tibianus I Nothing known.

Tibianus II Nothing known.

Tibianus III Current ruler of Thais.

Kings of Mintwallin

Markwin King of Minotaurs living in Mintwallin. He cannot help you get promoted.

Kings of Ulderek's Rock

The Orc King Ruler of the orcs, he lives deep in the Orc Fort also known as Ulderek's Rock. He cannot help you get promoted.


Queens of Carlin

Eloise Current ruler of Carlin.


Emperors of Kazordoon

Kruzak Current emperor of Kazordoon.

Emperors of Beregar

Rehal Current emperor of Beregar.


Caliphs in Darashia

Kazzan Ibn Gadral Current leader of Darashia

Grand Viziers

Grand Viziers in Ankrahmun

Ishebad Current counsel for the Pharaoh of Ankrahmun


Jarls in Svargrond

Sven Chosen by his people as Jarl of Svargrond

Tribe Leaders

Leaders of the Nomad tribe

Muhad ib Lisan al-Gaib Current leader.

Leaders of the Cavemen tribe

Lazaran Current leader.

Leaders of the Zao Orc Tribe

Curos Current leader.

Magistrates, Ambassadors and Governors

While not themselves heads of state, they act as the representatives of their rulers in the outposts or colonies where they are stationed. They cannot, however, bestow honors such as promotions. For that, you must visit the rulers of Tibia's main cities directly.

Representatives of the Thaian King

Daniel Steelsoul Currently serving as the Governor of Edron.
Dermot Currently serving as the Magistrate in Fibula.
Percy Silverhand Currently serving as the Governor of Liberty Bay, his daughter Eleonore also resides there.
Roderick Currently serving as Ambassador in Ab'Dendriel.

Representatives of the Emperor

Ongulf Represents Emperor Kruzak in Farmine.

Organisation Leaders

Headmen of the AVIN

Uncle, Current headman

Captains of the TBI

Chester Kahs, Current captain

Heads of the CGB

Emma, Current head

Leaders of the Thieves' Guild

Dorian, Current leader

Leaders of the Trade Quarter

Mr. West, Current leader

Leaders of the Paw and Fur Society

Grizzly Adams, Current leader

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