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Dusty Heart
race: Human
gender: Female
affiliation: Dusty's Desires
role: Owner and proprietor
location: Hoover Dam Downtown
appearances: Van Buren (canceled)
SPECIAL: ST 5, PE 6, EN 6, CH 7, IN 5, AG 6, LK 5
level: 9
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dusty Heart is the owner and proprietor of Dusty's Desires Bar & Entertainment in Hoover Dam in 2253.



Despite being "big boned," Dusty is quite attractive. She'll serve up the finest hooch in the wasteland with a gleam in her eye and a mysterious brown stain in your glass. She loves a good time, but will whip out the ol' Dusty Trail should folks get out of line (Dusty Trail is a pump action shotgun that Dusty always keeps within arm's reach).

Dusty is best known for providing a certain type of entertainment - prostitution. She runs a "clean" business and asks her patrons to be nice to her girls and guys. If a customer will not comply, then she will introduce the offender to Beatrice, the large super mutant bouncer of Dusty's Desires[1].

Interactions with the player character

Dusty gets plenty of hooch from the Crimson Caravan. Because of this, business has been very good. War makes people want to forget, and Dusty has plenty of booze and women to help the troops, and whoever else, forget about the hardships of war. Aside from buying booze and women, the player can rent out his services collecting unpaid tabs from some of the townsfolk. This won't win the player any popularity contests with the Downtown crowd, but it will get the player in good with Dusty and, more importantly, give the player a very good recommendation from Dusty to the Crimson caravan. Plus, if the player is a bit of a tough-guy, there will be the occasion when a bar fight breaks out and the player can get the opportunity to help Beatrice settle things down, either physically or diplomatically, or until the police arrive.

Lastly, Dusty is another potential distributor for smooch. Running smooch through Dusty is less dramatic than through Dr. Yuri, mostly because the junkies will be confined to the Downtown folks. If things go to shit down here because of smooch junkies, then Dodge and his men will declare martial law and overtake all operations in Downtown, including the maintenance of the machines. In addition, should the player use Dusty as a distributor, then the player may not use Dr. Yuri as one – and visa-versa. Word gets around quick and the folks at Hoover don't take too kindly to individuals playing both sides, even if it is illegal, or questionable, transactions[1].


Dusty Heart was going to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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Hoover Dam

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