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Real name Michael Duros
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Height 6'3"
Weight 255 lbs
Date of birth December 7th, 1982 (age 26)
Place of birth Santa Barbara, California
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Trainer Dorian "The Cobra"
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Personal History

Michael Duros was born in Santa Barbara on 7th December 1982. His mother died from complications during his birth and it was down to his father to raise him.

Duros and his father lived in harmony, yet poverty, for his infant years. Up until he was 11 years old they were a perfect picture of a proud father and a blissfully happy child. But for all of these years his father had been hiding the resentment towards Michael he felt for “killing” his wife, and Michael’s mother. After Michael turned 11, his father could not hold it in anymore and developed a drinking problem. Michael, who was a good student and had numerous friends, soon became distracted by this and lost confidence in himself. He became the target for playground bullies, and adult ones. Soon his father’s resentment turned into physical abuse as he started to beat Michael nightly. At the age of 13 he ran away.

He ran into a man who knew his father named Clint, a middle aged cowboy who took the boy in after taking pity on him. Clint became his unofficial father and began calling the boy Mikey, making it stick. But as they got to know each other well, Clint noticed Mikey’s mood changes. He also noticed the boy becoming alienated socially and developing a gothic lifestyle. He dressed in all black, stayed out at night and grew to have a fascination with mythology and the unliving.

Clint decided to call in some help from his friend, and former wrestler, named Dorian. Dorian’s wrestling fame grew under the name Cobra and he now owned Cobra’s Gym. He agreed to take Mikey under his wing and train him up. But what Clint meant to be a hobby soon became an obsession for Mikey. In the wrestling ring he was able to release all the pent up anger and disgust he kept inside of him. For years Dorian trained Mikey up and, when he knew his prodigy was ready, used his connection in wrestling to land him a contract with R4GE. After an impressive rookie year there, winning both the Television and World titles, R4GE folded and Duros was signed by Jimmy Chisel for G-2 Wrestling based in Galveston, Texas.

Title History

- G-2 World Heavyweight Champion (1)

- R4GE World Heavyweight Champion (1)

- R4GE Television Title Champion (1)

Wrestling Style

Duros’ wrestling style concentrates on the technical side of the sport. Instead of relying on a singular move set he prides himself on wearing opponents down, in what seems a premeditated fasion, with his all-round technique before finishing them off with one of his specialised moves. But this, he states, only counts for half of his match winning ways. Duros is an opportunist in the ring but if this plan fails has no problem with finding an easy way out of a match through disqualification or any other means. To him a win is a win.

Duros is off the feeling that half of the battle takes place before the ring bell sounds, outside of the ring, in terms of mental preparation. He likes to get the edge of his opponents mentally before locking horns in the ring through mind games. He boasts of how he can find a weakness in any opponent placed before him and use mind games to accentuate this weakness.

Move List

Finishing Move: The SoulStealer (jumping, 180 degrees downward spiral)

Signature Move 1: The Snake Bite (Go To Sleep -

Signature Move 2: Blood Mist (like great muta/tajiri's green mist, but red)

Submission Move: The Exorcism (cattle mutilation -

Top Rope Move: The Deathbed (diving headbutt)

Standard Moves

- Superkick

- Snap DDT

- Lifted DDT

- Cobra Clutch Facebuster

- Spinebuster

- Fallaway Slam

- Snap Suplex

- Sidewalk Slam

- Belly to Belly Suplex

- Reverse DDT

- Backbreaker

- Choke in the corner

- Snake Eyes

- Piledriver

- Buzzsaw Kick

- Heart Punch

- Targeting certain body parts with hard foots stomps

Running Moves

- Spear

- Dropkick

- Clothesline

Aerial Moves

- Leg Drop

- Dropkick

- Diving Spear

Submission Moves

- Sleeperhold

- Dragon Sleeper

- Single Leg Boston Crab

- Texas Cloverleaf

- Tarantula

In-Ring Signatures

- Duros does not like to step through a rope. He will always opt to slide under the bottom rope when he can.

- Duros likes to sit on the top turnbuckle whilst conducting in-ring promos or waiting for his opponent to make his way down the aisle.

Current Entrance Theme

“Dragula” by Rob Zombie


- Ran away from home when 13 years old due to an abusive father.

- Mother died during giving birth to him.

- Drives a black Jeep Wrangler.

- Has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder by his psychiatrist, Kayleigh Sprigg.

- Has a healthy interest in Mythology, mainly Orphicism.

- Has a fascination with snakes, probably due to the role they play in Orphicism.

- Describes his face paint as a tribute to his fixation with, and indulgence in, the gothic lifestyle.

- Trained by Dorian, who gained fame under the wrestling persona of Cobra.

- Duros now owns a majority share in Cobra’s gym.

- Credits himself with ending the career of Angelica Dominque after their Street Fight on 25th January 2007.

- The first PPV he headlined in was Breaking Point, on 4th March 2007, in a triple threat against Dave Bermingham and Ken Fuqua.

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Average height

1.7 – 2.2 meters[1]

Skin color

Green and blue[2]


Noseless, hairless, large red eyes, affinity for space travel.[1]



Famous members

The Duros were a humanoid species native to the planet Duro who were among the galaxy's first space faring civilizations.

Their homeworld was located on both the Corellian Trade Spine and at the end of the Duros Space Run, two major hyperspace routes that linked Duro with other important commercial centers.


Biology and appearance

The Duros were humanoids with smooth blue-green skin, red eyes, lipless mouths, long thin noseless faces and green blood.[3] Olfactory glands beneath their eyes were responsible for their sense of smell. Both females and males were bald, though both genders were easily distinguished. Their large red goggle-like eyes also had slit pupils. Duros females gave birth to live young, and like the Neimoidians they were born in a larval grub stage, but unlike their cousins who neglected their young, the Duros took care of their offspring from birth.[4]


While usually taciturn, Duros enjoyed telling stories about their travels. It was said Duros had a photographic memory when it came to the telling of tales and stories.[5] Many Duros were pilots and explorers, and were adventurous, though sometimes rash. As one of the first cultures to develop hyperdrive spacecraft (some even believe the first), Duros-charted trade routes were among the oldest hyperspace routes still in use during the Imperial era. Even in the later periods of galactic history, Duros were still known for their superior astro-navigational skills. Their affinity for traveling led many Duros to prefer the honorific title of "Traveler" despite their occupation or craft of choice, and addressing them as such was considered good etiquette.[5] The Duros language was Durese, which was a lingua franca of sorts amongst spacers.[2]

Their home planet Duro was primarily uninhabited due to massive pollution on the world over time. Instead, it was covered with automated farms for food production. The Duros lived in twenty orbital space cities above the planet.

The Duros also established a vast, grand starship construction industry in the Duro system that rivaled the one in the Corellian system. The Duros set up their government around a consortium of starship construction corporations, with all important political decisions made by the stockholders of the corporations. This meant that any Duros that held stock in a company could participate in the administration of the system.[1]

The Duros were also one of the founding races of the Galactic Republic. Years before the formation of the Republic, the Duros colonized the planet Neimoidia, giving rise to a genetically distinct "newer version" of Duros, the Neimoidians. The Neimoidians retained many similarities to their Duros cousins including basic form, noseless faces, and green skin (though Neimoidians tended to be grayer). However, in contrast to their ancestors, Neimoidians possessed pupils that split horizontally, lumpy foreheads, and perpetually frowning mouths. In addition, Neimoidians tended to be cowardly, greedy and fearful of death, whereas the average Duro was adventurous, gregarious and peaceful. Not surprisingly, one of the most powerful insults among the Duros was to be called a Neimoidian.[4] By the time of the rise of the New Republic, however, the Duros were friendlier towards the Neimoidians, and respected their business skills.[6]

After the young Duros was born, they were cared for and raised by their family members. This was another thing that set them apart from the Neimoidians, who did not actively care for their young.[4]

The Duros lending tradition was followed by the Duros when asking for loans to Duros lending institutions. Failing to comply with its terms supposed a severe social stigma for them.[7]


Cad Bane, a notorious bounty hunter during the Clone Wars
"We have a proud and rich history with many archaeological monuments and treasures from Duro’s Golden Age. Nearly every schoolchild on every civilized planet learns about our ancient history-that glorious time when my people were ruled by the great Queen Rana, our wise lawgiver."

The Duros originated on the planet Duro long before the dawn of the Galactic Republic. In 100,000 BBY, Duro was surveyed by the Columi, who were not impressed. Later, Duro was conquered by the Rakata of the Infinite Empire and the native Duros were enslaved. Duros slaves were used to create the Star Forge in 30,000 BBY.

Following a plague in 25,200 BBY that killed only Rakata, the Duros rebelled and overthrew their Rakatan masters. The Duros then formed a hereditary monarchy.[8]

At an early age, the Duros became interested in exploration and ventured off their homeworld to explore the galaxy. Hyperspace cannons linked Duro with Coruscant, Corellia, and other Core Worlds. Having reverse-engineered the hyperdrive independently of the Corellians, Duro entered a Golden Age as a Core Founder in 25,053 BBY under Queen Rana Mas Trehalt. The Duros also constructed large shipyards and spacedocks in their planet's orbit. The monarchy was eventually abolished in favor of a collection of ruling corporations.

The Duros colonized Neimoidia during their earliest wave of expansion, though the Neimoidians were considered a separate culture by 15,000 BBY. The Duros also discovered Sneeve in 13,975 BBY, Adner in 5,000 BBY, and Koboth prior to 219 BBY.

In 3,962 BBY, the planet itself was laid to near-total waste during the Mandalorian Wars, when the Mandalorian invasion fleet advancing on the Colonies and Core regions destroyed much of the world using thousands of Basilisk war droids. Years of misery and rebuilding were ahead of the Duros people, merely the latest phase in the long series of Sith Wars. In 1,003 BBY, during the New Sith Wars, the Duros colony on Harpori was wiped out by Kaox Krul.

A Duros officer.

In 220 BBY, during Duro's Industrial Age, the mining city of Tayana reached its height. In 200 BBY, the Tiercam Dam was built. The Duros also set up large food processing plants that polluted Duro's atmosphere, forcing the them to relocate to 20 orbiting cities throughout their home system.

In 20 BBY, during the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched Durge's Lance, a coordinated major campaign that led to the capture of Duro. The swift success of the campaign sent shockwaves throughout the Galactic Republic, and even neutral Corellia began to tighten its defenses.

After the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire collected what was left of Duro's natural resources, and forced many Duros to move off the planet. In an attempt to stir up conflict between Duro and Corellia, the Empire declared Duro to be part of the Corellian Sector.

In 5 ABY, the prisoner Triclops was moved to Duro by Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa. However, Triclops escaped and saved his son Ken from Hissa. Although the New Republic managed to save Duros archaeologists from the Valley of Royalty, the Valley itself was flooded with toxic waste when the Tiercam Dam burst.

A Duros brute.

The New Republic eventually liberated the planet in , and put the system back in the Duro Sector. Ecosystem purification teams cleaned up the planet's atmosphere as best they could. In 10 ABY, Duro was retaken by the Empire during Operation Shadow Hand.[9] However, it was eventually liberated by the New Republic.

In 13 ABY, CorDuro Shipping took control of the Pri-Andylan shipyards.[10] In 25 ABY, Jedi Tresina Lobi and Thrynni Vae discovered CorDuro Shipping's ties to the Peace Brigade, resulting in the Brigade murdering Thrynni.[11]

In 26 ABY, the New Republic attempted to make Duro habitable and settle refugees there, though their efforts were sabotaged by the Yuuzhan Vong agent Nom Anor.[11] The Yuuzhan Vong conquered Duro and managed to reverse centuries of pollution in just two years. Later, the planet was liberated by the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and it is likely that the Duros returned to the now lush Duro after the war's end.

Notable Duros

Behind the scenes

"Duro" (like the planet) is the Portuguese, Spanish and Italian for the adjective "hard" (be it a durable object, or a severe person). The plural form of the adjective is "duros" in Portuguese and Spanish (like the species), "duri" in Italian.

In the novel Children of the Jedi, author Barbara Hambly mistakenly calls this species Durosians.[12]

In Mission from Mount Yoda, female Duros are depicted with long ponytails, despite other sources claiming both males and females are bald.


Non-canon appearances


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Star Wars Lore

From the OS Databank.


A species of gregarious spacers, these aliens are gaunt humanoids with noseless faces, lipless mouths, and smooth blue-green skin. Their large goggle-like eyes have slit pupils

Expanded Universe

The Duros blazed some of the oldest trade routes and hyperspace lanes in the galaxy as they ventured into the unknown, millennia ago. This species achieved star travel before the founding of the Republic, and have almost entirely abandoned the soil of their homeworld to travel among the stars. They rank alongside the Corellians as the most seasoned space travelers in the galaxy. One of the Duros' earliest colonization efforts was on Neimoidia, and over the millennia, the Neimoidians became a genetically distinct offshoot of the Duros race.

The Duros homeworld of Duro has weathered millennia of neglect. As the Duros took to the stars, much of their planet became increasingly polluted. As Duros political power was transferred from ancient royal rulers to a wealthy coalition of interstellar shipping firms, all connection to ancestral roots were severed. The Duros people embarked on a bold era of expansion, choosing to live in orbital cities or far-flung colony worlds.

The temperate surface of Duro was converted into farmlands, and immense automated food factories processed comestibles to be shipped elsewhere. As these territories spread, it encroached on the habitats of endangered wildlife, resulting in the extinction of millions of Duro's indigenous animals.

When the Empire came into power and seized control of Duro, it began mining operations near the ancient Valley of Royalty. The Empire's unsound practices further spoiled the ecology of the planet, irradiating a vast stretch of land with toxic waste. Following the Battle of Endor, Duro was eventually liberated from Imperial rule, joining the New Republic and offering its shipyards to the growing government.

The repeated vilification of the Neimoidians following the Clone Wars led many of that species to abandon their heritage and pose as Duros. A major section of Nar Shaddaa became a refuge for Neimoidians in hiding.

Duros tend to be a calm, peaceful individuals and this aspect of their personalities enhances their acceptance in all parts of the galaxy. As individuals, they are extraordinarily dependable workers. Though often quiet and sometimes taciturn, when called upon they can be gifted storytellers, capable of retaining the interests of extremely diverse audiences for extended lengths of time.

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This article is about the Autobot Nebulan Headmaster partner. For the Decepticon Pretender form Masterforce, see Dauros.
Duros is an Autobot allied Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.
He's old because he's hard.

Duros was born to be a soldier on a world without war. He served for years as the head of security for the Nebulan Ruling Council and spent most of that time horribly bored and unsatisfied. The coming of the Transformers to Nebulos may have been a tragedy for most of his race, but it was quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to Duros... and also the worst.

In Hardhead he has found a kindred spirit, and the two have bonded over their shared interest in combat and warfare to become one of the closest pairings among all the Headmasters. The dependable, resourceful, and stoic Duros is a great addition to the Autobot army, but his eager desire for action and love of combat have made him an outsider among the naturally peaceful Nebulans and has led him to be shunned even by his family and, most painfully, his now estranged wife. Duros shuts the pain that his failed personal life causes him away and focuses instead on being the soldier he always felt destined to be.

Italian name: Omicron



Marvel Generation One comics

You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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It's the least he can wear to defend his planet.
We've replaced Duros with his younger, evil twin. Let's see if Galen notices...

Hardhead had his head on when fighting Unicron. Unfortunately for Duros, Hardhead still had his head on when Unicron stepped on him. On the Edge of Extinction!

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Charles Adler (English)
But does he wear pants?


Generation One

  • Hardhead w/ Duros (Headmaster, 1987)
Duros transforms from an armored humanoid into a robot head. Though he only came with his partner Hardhead, in head mode he is compatible with any other Headmaster body. On the larger Headmasters, he shows three of Hardhead's Tech Spec stats in their display window, but the smaller ones still display their normal heads' stats due to their construction.

External links

  • Hardhead at
  • Hardhead's Universe profile at

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