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"When processed, ore becomes durasteel, which is used to make buildings and defenses strong."
Qui-Gon Jinn

Durasteel was an incredibly strong and versatile metal alloy, created from carvanium, lommite, carbon, meleenium, neutronium, and zersium. It was capable of withstanding blistering heat, frigid cold, and monumental physical stress, even when very thin. It has been calculated to be approximately 300,000 times stronger than steel. Because of these properties, durasteel was used for almost everything, from smelting pots for other less hearty metals, to spacecraft hulls. Despite that, however, it could still oxidize. Durasteel containers were commonly seen throughout the galaxy.

Darth Vader's armor was mostly made of durasteel.


Durasteel grades

Durasteel was produced in various grades of heat treatment and alloy composition for different construction purposes. Some of these were:

Behind the scenes

The word durasteel is a portmanteau of durable (coming from Latin dura meaning "hard") and steel, to emphasize the strength of this material.


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