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Durandal as seen in Final Fantasy XII.

The Durandal (ヂュランダル Dyurandaru) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series, being one of the most powerful swords available in the games it appears in.




Final Fantasy X

The Durandal is a weapon for Tidus on which the dominant ability is Triple AP.

Final Fantasy XI

The Durandal is a high-level sword for Paladins, won as a possible prize from certain KSNM battlefield events.

Final Fantasy XII

The Durandal is the strongest sword available in Final Fantasy XII. Its License can be found in the mid-right section of weapon license area, which is located beside Stone Blade. The license to wield it costs 80 License points, and the weapon itself has an Attack power of 99. Aside from that, Durandal also grants the user +5 to Evasion like all swords and has a combo rate of 5%. The Durandal is known as "Well-forged Blade" in the Bazaar price list and costs 21,600 gil.


The Durandal can be only be obtained via selling six rare loots, which are the following:

Loot Quantity Enemy
Lifewick 3 Necrofiend - an 18% chance of dropping one, if the Warmage's Monograph has been acquired.
Emperor Scale 2 Archaeoaevis - a 14% chance of dropping one, if the Dragoon's Monograph has been acquired, and a 5% chance to poach.
Leshach Halcyon 1 Leshach Entite - a rare drop and a 3% chance of stealing (6% if the Thief Cuffs are equipped).

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Durandal is one of Vaan's strongest swords, it can only be obtained after defeating Gilgamesh.

Final Fantasy XIII

The Durandal is a model of a gun-sword obtainable by Lightning.

Final Fantasy Tactics

In the War of the Lions remake, the Durandal can be obtained via Multiplayer mode. It is a Knightsword that grants the wearer constant Protect and Shell.

Final Fantasy Legend III

The Durandal (called Durend in the game due to space restrictions) is one of the four Mystic Swords in the game. It is the second weakest, just above the Emperor Sword.


The Durandal is obviously a reference to The Song of Roland, an old French literary piece, where the holy sword, Durendal, is said to contain within its hilt one tooth of Saint Peter, blood of Saint Basil, a hair of Saint Denis, and a piece of the raiment of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is said to be able to cut solid boulders in half with a single strike.

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