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For the Eternal known as Death, see Death. For other uses see Death (disambiguation).
Also known as: Death
Appearances: TW: Dead Man Walking

Durac, more usually known as Death, who resembled the Grim Reaper, was a mysterious being and a figure in legends. Owen Harper stated that its name means "hunger".


The Weevils worshipped Durac and feared him. Once, in 1479, it manifested itself in Cardiff (at which time contemporary chroniclers also recorded the presence of Weevils, which seemed to have inspired imagery of the Grim Reaper) because a girl named Faith was brought back with the Resurrection Gauntlet. Durac killed twelve people and would have killed everyone had it collected a thirteenth victim, but Faith managed to stop it.

In the early 21st century, it used the newly resurrected Owen Harper as a gateway into the Universe, and possessed him repeatedly. While doing so, it repeated the same words in a strange language. Durac then arrived at a hospital, having taken taken possession of Owen's body. It was required to claim 13 souls so it could enter the universe completely. Outside of Owen's body, Durac had a physical form, a skeleton shrouded in grey vapour. Before it could claim its final soul, Owen used faith to literally fight Durac off and dissipate the Reaper's energy, sending it back to the darkness. (TW: Dead Man Walking)

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