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Dungeon Map
Image:Dungeon Map.jpg
Item details
Image:Recharge.png Uses: 1


Double-click to reveal important locations in the current dungeon level.


Collector Location Item Collected
Akom Cathedral of Flames (Level 1) 5 Stone Claw
Blonk Bogroot Growths (Level 1) 5 Amphibian Tongue
Cait Rragar's Menagerie (Level 1) 5 Fleshreaver Morsel
Dobb Darkrime Delves (Level 1) 5 Jotun Pelt
Fopp Frostmaw's Burrows (Level 1) 5 Chromatic Scale
Jovial Pete Sepulchre of Dragrimmar (Level 1) 5 Dryder Web
Kilgor Rageheart Vloxen Excavations (Level 1) 5 Skelk Fang
Onkk Bogroot Growths (Level 1) 5 Beetle Egg
Pathfinder Alon Frostmaw's Burrows (Level 1) 5 Frozen Wurm Husk
Pathfinder Nolan Raven's Point (Level 1) 5 Vaettir Essence
Pathfinder Mia Sepulchre of Dragrimmar (Level 1) 5 Pile of Elemental Dust
Pekk Bloodstone Caves (Level 1) 5 Fungal Root
Qogg Shards of Orr (Level 1) 5 Undead Bone
Sark Catacombs of Kathandrax (Level 1) 5 Pile of Elemental Dust
Snap Flamekrak Vloxen Excavations (Level 1) 5 Stone Summit Emblem
Thecos Bellyshaker Ooze Pit (Level 1) 7 Blob of Ooze
Vixx Oola's Lab (Level 1) 5 Golem Runestone


  • Provides the same functionality as an Area Map
  • They cannot be used in Outposts.

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