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From Dofus

A dungeon is a set of maps where defeating a mob on one map takes you to the next map of the dungeon. Entering a dungeon generally requires a key of some sort, and there is often a special prize for completing all levels. In many dungeons you can also fight unique monsters that may drop special set items.

Dungeon mobs respawn when attacked instead of after being killed. This is to prevent waiting when two or more parties go through the same dungeon at the same time. All dungeon mobs are passive unless noted otherwise.

Guilds may place a perceptor in a dungeon, though not in the final room. You can not join and defend a perceptor if you are in a dungeon. When a guild's Perceptor is attacked in a dungeon, only two guild members may join to defend it.

Challenging is impossible in a dungeon, and the map of the entrance.

Difficulty Estimation. Total level WILL vary on experience and skill, just a VERY rough guide.

  • 1 Very Low - Players' group level should be 50+, for level 10+ players.
  • 2 Low - Players group level should be 160+, for level 20+ players.
  • 3 Low Medium - Players' group level should be 240+, for level 30+ players.
  • 4 Medium - Players' group level should be 320+, for level 40+ players.
  • 5 High Medium - Players' group level should be 480+, for level 60+ players.
  • 6 High - Players' group level should be 720+, for level 90+ players.
  • 7 Very High - Players' group level should be 960+, for level 120+ players.
  • 8 Hardcore - Players' group level should be 1200+, for level 160+ players.

The Dungeons

The following table lists all dungeons and their main characteristics. Note that for F2P members the only dungeons available are the Incarnam Dungeon and the Field Dungeon.

Name Geoposition Reward Unique Monsters Difficulty Final mob level
Bherb's Gully (-51,9) Key to the Tynril Lab,
Greater Bherb Relic
Silf the Greater Bherb 6 High 950
Blacksmith Dungeon
(Smith Dungeon)
(13,21) Hi emote,
Tailor Manual
Treasure Chest 4 Medium 1 (Treasure Chest)
Blop Dungeon (-25,-17) - Royal Blops 4 Medium 440
Bulb Cavern
(Bulb Dungeon)
(19,-22) Soul Capture - 4 Medium 160
Bwork Dungeon (-5,10) Bworky Bworkette 4 Medium 250
Bworker Dungeon (-21,12) Bworker Token Cybwork, Bworker 8 Hardcore 1290
Canidae Dungeon (-24,1) - Moowolf 6 High 540
Cawwot Dungeon (29,-12) Cawwot Dofus Wobot 6 High 420
Crackler Dungeon (-3,-7) - Legendary Crackler 5 High Medium 380
Dragon Pig Dungeon
(Dragon Pig's Lair)
(-1,33) - Blodz Uker, Farle's Pig, Dragon Pig, Dorgan Ation 6 High 450
Dreggon Dungeon (-3,24) - Crocabulia 6 High 1100
Field Dungeon
(Dungeon of the Fields)
(7,-25) - Famished Sunflower 1 Very Low 90
Firefoux Dungeon (28,-52) Peki Peki Peki, Zilla 7 Very High 820
Fungus Dungeon (-18,28) - Ougaa 8 Hardcore 2070
Gobball Dungeon (2,-34) Bow Meow Royal Gobball 3 Low Medium 120
Grotto Hesque (-59,15) Otomai's Ark Key,
Great Coralator Relic
Great Coralator 4 Medium 470
Incarnam Dungeon (6,5) Flud (If you have quest Spelunking ) Snoowolf 1 Very Low 68
The Jellith Dimension Multijely - Royal Jellies, Lemon Jelly 4 Medium 600
Kimbo Canopy
(Kimbo's Canopy)
(-54,16) Kimbo Relic Kimbo 8 Hardcore 1800
Kitsou Dungeon
(Kitsoune Dungeon)
(32,-38) Little Black Bow Wow Tanukouï San 6 High 400
Koolich Dungeon (-17,8) Part of Koolich Set,
Mount Taming
Koolich, Cave Gobball 6 High 520
Kwismas Dungeon/1 (-62,-99) - Itzting 2 Low 60
Kwismas Dungeon/2 (-62,-99) - Santa Jaws 4 Medium 320
Kwismas Dungeon/3 (-62,-99) - Father Whupper 8 Hardcore 490
Lair of the Gigantic Kralove
(Lair of the Giant Kralove)
(-60,-8) - Gigantic Kralove 8 Hardcore 1620
Larva Dungeon (-2,-5) - Shin Larva, Golden Larva 4 Medium 240
Lord Crow's Library
(Lord Crow's Dungeon)
(-20,-62) Baby Crowdzilla Crowfox, Lord Crow, Drinker, Tamed Crow 6 High 430
Minotot Room
(The Minotot)
(-42,-17) - Minotot 7 Very High 920
Otomai's Ark
(Otomai Bow)
(-55,-4) Bherb's Gully Key,
Gourlo the Terrible Relic
Gourlo the Terrible 5 High Medium 630
Pandikazes' Hideout
(Lair of the Pandikazes)
(18,-36) Little White Bow Meow,
'Point Your Finger' Scroll
Pandikaze Warrior, Aerial Pandikaze, Giddy Pandikaze, Pandulkaze, Pandikwakaze, Pandora Master 6 High 560
Rainbow Blop Lair (-25,-17) - Royal Rainbow Blop 6 High 750
Pet Cemetery Dungeon
(Pet Sematary)
(-7,-1) Resurrection Powder Pet Ghost monsters 4 Medium -
Bonta Rat Dungeon (-34,-59) First Key to Sphincter's Dungeon White Rat and other rats 5 High Medium 530
Brakmar Rat Dungeon
(Brakmar Rat Dungeon)
(-26,31) Second Key to Sphincter's Dungeon Black Rat and other rats 5 High Medium 560
Amakna Castle Rat Dungeon
(Dungeon of the Amakna Castle Rats)
(6,-9) Atooin Sphincter Cell and other rats 7 Very High 1150
Royal Tofuhouse
(Royal Tofu Dungeon)
5th room of
Tofu Dungeon
- Royal Tofu 6 High 370
Sand Dungeon
(Sandy Dungeon)
(13,-28) Rest emote Sponge Mob 3 Low Medium 220
Scaraleaf Dungeon (1,26) - Immature Scaraleaf, Black Scaraleaf, Golden Scarabugly 4 Medium 300
Skeleton Dungeon (10,15) Summoning of Chaferfu - 3 Low Medium 170
Skeunk's Hideout
(Skunk's Lair)
(-20,10) Kaliptus Dofus,
Perfidious Boomerang,
Bloody Koalak
Skeunk & Sadidettes 7 Very High 660
Soft Oak Dungeon 7th room of
Treechnid Dungeon
- Soft Oak 7 Very Hard 1100
Tofu Dungeon (5,6) - Tofukaz, Tofoone, Tofurby, Batofu 2 Low 240
Treechnid Dungeon (-9,-14) - Arachnotron, Ancestral Treechnid 6 High 500
Tynril Lab
(The Tynril Lab)
(-53,20) Kimbo Canopy Key,
Tynril Relic
Dismayed Tynril, Disconcerted Tynril, Perfidious Tynril, Stunned Tynril 7 Very High 900
Wabbit Castle
(Wabbit Dungeon)
(24,-13) Part of Wa Set Wobot, Wa Wabbit 5 High Medium 300


Following places are often considered as dungeons, though they are not.

Name Geoposition Reward Unique Monsters Difficulty Final mob level
The Dragon Pig's Maze (-1,33) - - 5 High Medium
Dreggon Sanctuary (-3,24) - Many Dreggons 5 High Medium
Minotoror Maze
(Labyrinth of the Minotoror)
(-42,-17) - Minotoror, Mumminotor 6 High

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From Final Fantasy Wiki

"Foul things lurk in forgotten places."

A Dungeon is a game element in the Final Fantasy series, which the player is meant to explore and obtain treasure, while defeating enemies along the way. In the end of it, lies a goal: an artifact to be obtained, a boss to be defeated, or even a cutscene to be seen. Sometimes the story can only progress by completing these dungeons, and sometimes they are optional. Dungeons are usually accessed via World Map, but in some cases, they are accessed via other smaller dungeons, either by passageways or warp devices, or in some rarer cases, the player is instantly taken to a dungeon due to a plot event.

A final dungeon exists in each game: it consists of the area where the final boss resides, waiting to be defeated. Most games also feature secret, optional dungeons, that usually either hold precious treasure inside, or incredibly strong superbosses.



Final Fantasy

The Chaos Shrine: the first dungeon of the series.

In Final Fantasy, each dungeon contains an important artifact and a boss to be defeated, with exception of the first dungeon, the Chaos Shrine, and the Mirage Tower, which is merely a path to the Flying Fortress.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy II

The Dreadnought

Like the previous game, almost every dungeon has a boss or/and a key item to be obtained, otherwise, a mere cutscene must be seen. This game was the first to feature points-of-no return. Due to a the existence of a solid storyline, some major plot events occur in dungeons.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy III

The Temple of Time

Final Fantasy III follows the series' consistency, having one boss per dungeon. This game featured optional dungeons for the first time, as well as cutscenes in each of them. In some dungeons, the player is forced to induce himself a status ailment in order to transfigure the party in order to enter them, such as the Subterranean Lake or the Tower of Owen.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy IV

The Lunar Ruins

Party members often leave and join the party inside dungeons in Final Fantasy IV.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy V

The Drakenvale

By the time of Final Fantasy V, plot events were more common at the end of dungeons than properly the acquisition of key items.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy VI

The Cultists' Tower

In Final Fantasy VI many dungeons reward the player with a playable character, and in rare cases, Magicite. For this reason, most dungeons are actually optional. The use of dungeons for paths can also be seen in this installment.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy VII

The depths of the Cave of the Gi

In Final Fantasy VII most dungeons appear as only a passage, and if otherwise, they're most probably optional. Items are rarely obtained in dungeons anymore.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy VIII

The Tomb of the Unknown King

Final Fantasy VIII has a small amount of locations in comparison to earlier installments, so dungeons either end in plot events or are entirely optional. A lot of these are points of no return as well.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy IX

The Iifa Tree

Final Fantasy IX has many dungeons in comparison to its predecessor, and somewhat rewinds to a pattern similar to Final Fantasy V.

List of Dungeons:

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X hasn't many dungeons due to the fact that the world map has been abolished. However, examples of dungeons are the Cave of the Stolen Fayth and the Omega Ruins, both optional.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI, though there's no traditional world map, has a large amount of dungeon areas. These areas are distinguished by the fact enemies respawn more slowly, and chocobos will not enter them. Almost all of these are at one point used in a mission or quest:

Original dungeons

Rise of the Zilart

Chains of Promathia

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

  • Aydeewa Subterranae
  • Mamook
  • Mamool Ja Training Grounds
  • Halvung
  • Lebros Caverns
  • Arrapago Reef
  • Ilrusi Atoll
  • Leujaoam Caverns
  • Periqia
  • The Ashu Talif
  • Alzadaal Undersea Ruins
  • Bhaflau Remnants
  • Zhayolm Remnants
  • Arrapago Remnants
  • Silver Sea Remnants
  • Nyzul Isle

Wings of the Goddess

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII has completely abolished the idea of a world map as well, but dungeons can be distinguished by areas that cannot be accessed via the Strahl.

List of dungeons:

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Revenant Wings is a strategy game, and cannot be considered to have many dungeons, since, like in the Tactics sub-series of the Ivalice Alliance, gameplay is restricted to battles. In the other hand, the Well of Whispered Oaths has several enemies, treasure and floors, and thus, can be considered a legitimate dungeon.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics has no dungeons of the traditional sense, as gameplay is limited to battles and the World Map. However, one location, Midlight's Deep, is said to be a large dungeon. In order to reach all ten levels of this optional location, the player must find the exit on each level mid-battle. At the bottom level is the game's lone Superboss.


The Dungeon theme is a recurring theme throughout the series used in dungeons.

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Dungeons are described as chained instances. Dungeons are reset by exiting and re-entering them; while a party remains within a dungeon, there is some degree of persistence between its zones. Though dungeons were not added before Eye of the North, there are some areas (mostly Elite Missions) in previous campaigns that behave in similar ways. Completing dungeons in Eye of the North for the first time will result in loot, reputation points and progress in the Master of the North title track. Dungeons can be redone as many times as you wish for loot and reputation points. Each dungeon in Eye of the North has a reward chest. Opening the reward chests in dungeons does not count towards the Treasure Hunter title. In every dungeon, killing 25 enemies gives a 7% Morale Boost to the entire party (5% if you have maxed your Deldrimor rank). A completed dungeon is added to your Master Dungeon Guide.


List of dungeons

Dungeon exclusive rare weapons

Some weapons can only be found from the reward chests of dungeons. It seems that most of these can only be found from the reward chest of one specific dungeon. Here is a list of such weapons - research is still needed to confirm which weapons drop where.

List of dungeon-like areas

List of similar underground non-chained instance areas



  • Several of the Eye of the North Dungeons have some elements resembling the Legend of Zelda series dungeons or underworlds. Examples include (but not limited to): finding secret passages, blowing up walls with bombs (or in this case, a Powder Keg), various traps, the Oozes (like gels), the bats (blood drinkers), using keys to open locked doors (including boss keys), the treasure chests (including the big ones), finding the maps with the skull marked as the boss, and using the skill Light of Deldrimor similarly to playing the ocarina/whistle to reveal secrets and weaken some enemies.

External links

  • IGN - Guild Wars: Eye of the North Dungeon Crawl

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about the room that members can build in their house. For the underground caves found around Gielinor, see Dungeons.
A player being attacked by several monsters in a dungeon room

The Dungeon is a room or set of rooms that can be built in the basement of a player-owned house. It can be built at level 70 Construction. The dungeon room, unlike other rooms, can come in 3 different styles, each with their own hotspots.

  • Corridor
  • Junction
  • Stairs Room

Each part of a dungeon that is built counts as a room against the total number of rooms a player can have. For example, building a stairs room, a junction, and two corridors counts as four rooms. Some players who wish to build an extensive dungeon often end up removing other rooms they had previously built.




The corridor is straight passage that can have 2 doors (one at each end), 2 traps and a monster.

Often, multiple corridors are built either to confuse the player or lead them to the treasure room.

There are 7 hotspots available:

  • (2x) Door
  • (2x) Trap
  • Guard
  • Decoration
  • Lighting


The junction is basically a 4-way passage in your dungeon made up of two crossing corridors. It can have 2 doors, 2 traps and a monster along one of the "corridors" of the junction.

There are 7 hotspots available:

  • (2x) Door
  • (2x) Trap
  • Guard
  • Decoration
  • Lighting

Stairs Room

The stairs room is more of a standard square room shape (with 4 doorways). It can have 2 doors and 2 monsters. It can also have a stairs (going up) or rug.

There are 8 hotspots available:

  • Stair/Rug - (you do not have to build stairs)
  • (2x) Door
  • (2x) Guard
  • Decoration
  • Lighting



Stairs can be used to connect to a Skill Hall, Quest Hall or a dungeon entrance in a Garden or Formal Garden above.

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Rug File:Rug.gif 13 4 bolts of cloth 60
Oak staircase File:Oak_staircase.gif 27 10 Oak planks, 4 steel bars 680
Teak staircase File:Teak_staircase.gif 48 10 Teak planks, 4 steel bars 980
Opulent rug File:Opulent_rug.gif 65 4 bolts of cloth, 1 gold leaf 360
Spiral staircase File:Spiral_staircase.gif 67 10 Teak planks, 7 limestone bricks 1040
Marble staircase File:Marble_staircase.png 82 5 Mahogany planks, 5 marble blocks 3200
Marble spiral File:Marble_spiral.gif 97 10 Teak planks, 7 marble blocks 4400


Players have to pick the lock (using Thieving) or force the lock (using Strength) to open it.

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Oak door File:Oak_door(dungeon).gif 74 10 oak planks 600
Steel plated door File:Steel door.gif 84 10 oak planks, 10 steel bars 800
Marble door File:Marble door.gif 94 4 marble blocks 2000


Item Image Level Materials Experience
Spike trap File:Spike_trap(dungeon).gif 72 50,000 coins 223
Man trap File:Man_trap(dungeon).gif 76 75,000 coins 273
Tangle vine File:Tangle_vine(dungeon).gif 80 100,000 coins 316
Marble trap File:Marble trap.gif 84 150,000 coins 387
Teleport trap File:Teleport_trap(dungeon).gif 88 200,000 coins 447


The guards will only attack players in PvP mode or Challenge mode. Otherwise, they will only be examinable. You will not get any combat or slayer experience by fighting the monsters.

Item Image Level Combat level Hitpoints Materials Experience
Skeleton guard File:Skeleton_guard(oubliette).gif 70 22 29 50,000 Coins 223
Guard dog File:Guard_dog(oubliette).gif 74 44 49 75,000 Coins 273
Hobgoblin guard File:Hobgoblin_guard(oubliette).gif 78 54 62 100,000 Coins 316
Baby Red Dragon File:Baby_red_dragon(oubliette).gif 82 65 65 150,000 Coins 387
Huge spider File:Huge_spider(oubliette).gif 86 81 90 200,000 Coins 447
Troll guard File:Troll_guard(oubliette).gif 90 91 120 1,000,000 Coins 1000
Hellhound File:Hellhound(oubliette).gif 94 122 116 5,000,000 Coins 2236


Ladder back up to Throne Room above (if present).

When challenge mode is turned on (using the lever in the Throne Room) then only the house owner can go up the ladder.

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Oak ladder File:Oak ladder.gif 68 5 Oak planks 300
Teak ladder File:Teak ladder.gif 78 5 Teak planks 450
Mahogany ladder File:Mahogany ladder.gif 88 5 Mahogany planks 700


Item Image Level Materials Experience
Decorative blood File:Decorative blood.gif 72 4 Bottles of red dye 4
Decorative pipe File:Decorative pipe.gif 83 6 Steel bars 120
Hanging skeleton File:Hanging_skeleton.gif 94 2 Skulls, 6 bones 3


Item Image Level Materials Experience
Candle File:Candles(oubliette).gif 72 4 Oak planks, 4 lit candles 243
Torch File:Torches(oubliette).gif 84 4 Oak planks, 4 lit torches 244
Skull Torch File:Skull_torches.gif 94 4 Oak planks, 4 lit torches, 4 skulls 246


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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Dungeon is the name given to the playing field used in the game of "Dungeon Dice Monsters", which consists of a tiled board with 13 x 19 tiles.

On each end of the board sits a "Monster Lord" (on the 7th tile from each side on the row closest to the players, this squares are known Monster Lord Areas), and each player has to dimension his/her dice to form a path that will allow his/her monsters to reach the opponent's Monster Lord.

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