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"What a desolate place this is."

The Dune Sea was a vast, sandy desert that stretched across the surface of Tatooine. In the Tatooine navigation system, it was located in the planet's first quadrant.



A bantha skeleton bakes on the Dune Sea under the twin suns.

This large area was once the bed of an inland sea. Extreme temperatures and lack of water made the area inhospitable to most lifeforms. A Human could dehydrate after about thirty minutes from overexposure.[1] The Dune Sea was home to the sarlacc that lived in the Great Pit of Carkoon. Ben Kenobi's hut was located in the southwest corner of the Sea. Jabba's Palace was located in the northern portion of this desert.

During the time of the Infinite Empire, a Rakatan star temple was built in a cave in the Eastern Dune Sea. Revan and his companions found the map being guarded by a krayt dragon and used its information to discover Lehon.

Banthas crossing the Dune Sea.

Following the escape of R2-D2 and C-3PO from their clutches, the Galactic Empire conducted a search of the entire planet. During their search in the Dune Sea, they discovered a small cell of Alliance to Restore the Republic soldiers and wiped them out, as well as a Tusken Raider camp nearby.

In 22 ABY, Tahiri Veila and Anakin Solo survived its harshest deserts, a krayt dragon and a sarlacc and exercised their growing Force powers.

Behind the scenes

The real world location for the Dune Sea is the Grand Dune in Tunisia and Yuma Desert in California.

It is also believed to be inspired by Frank Herbert's planet Arrakis from the Dune series.


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