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Dr Who

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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era:
Appearances: DW: The Ark in Space (cameo)
Actor: Unknown

Dune was First Technician of Space Station Nerva (a.k.a. "the Ark") who was eaten by and absorbed into the Wirrn.


He had knowledge of high energy physics and quantum mechanics. Dune was to have been one of the first Humans revived, but instead the Wirrn Queen laid her eggs inside his body while still in cryogenic suspension. The Queen's larvae consumed both his body and his intellect, absorbing all of his knowledge, which enabled them to operate and sabotage systems aboard the Ark.

When his body was discovered to be missing by Vira, commander Noah blamed the the Doctor and his party. As the alien presence inside Noah's mind grew stronger, the commander claimed that he was Dune. He later revealed that he had been given all Dune's knowledge. (DW: The Ark in Space)

Behind the Scenes

An extra played Dune, very briefly, in the first few seconds of Part 1 of The Ark in Space.

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A Dune in GTA San Andreas (Rear quarter view).

The Dune is an off-road truck in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.




The Dune is designed as an off-road racing adaptation of a large cab-over truck, outfitted with improved suspensions, off-road tires, five running lights, rollbars, and a two-tone racing livery. Its design is similar to endurance trucks competing in long-distance desert rallies, such as the Dakar Rally. Like most trucks in the game, the Dune is only capable of carrying two occupants. The Dune can hit various vehicles very hard because of the shocks.

The Dune cannot be modified at any modification garage.


The rear wheel drive Dune features a powerful engine, and as a result, is remarkably good when negotiating off-road terrains, being more than capable of climbing up inclines where most vehicles would have more trouble traversing. However, its high center of gravity makes the vehicle unstable when tilting sideways, so caution must be exercised when driving the vehicle along bumpy terrain. The truck's soft suspension does help in minimizing rollovers to an extent, as well as easing cornering. While the Dune is ideal for off-roading. The speed and acceleration of the Dune is somewhat moderate. Braking is very good because of the soft suspension and high shocks.


  • The Dune is sometimes called "Duneride" in the game files.
  • The Dune features a graphic glitch wherein the position of the ground's shine from its headlights is incorrectly located beneath the truck (overlapping its shadow); the glitch is eliminated if one side of the headlights is broken.
  • The Dune plays the radio station K-JAH Radio West by default when entered.
  • If a player attempts to add hydraulics to the dune through modding, the wheels will glitch and move to the sides of both doors.


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Marvel Database

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Star Wars Fanon

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Dune system


1 sun

  • Aselo
  • Corel
Rotation period

22 hours

Orbital period

320 days






1.3 G

Primary terrain


Native species

None before annihilation

Immigrated species
  • Humans
  • Twileks
  • Wookiee/s
  • gungans
  • Yuuzhan Vong
Official language

Galactic basic standard


Various governments,mostly Republic

  • Zero at the old republic Era
  • Approximately 5 million at the New republic Era
  • A lot more after the death of Arrakis
Major cities


  • CIS
  • Alliance to restore the Republic
  • New Galactic Republic
  • Yuuzhan vong

Dune was a big-sized, desert planet located near to the Unknown Regions far away from the galaxy deep core. It was far way from the most known planet systems and the only near, known planet to Dune was the Rakata Prime. It had two small moons named Aselo and Corel. Corel was like Dune, full of rocks and deserts without existence of life, when Aselo was covered by tropical forests, lakes and rivers and was supporting life.

Many events happened on Dune from the first visits around the Old Republic Era, to its destruction at the New Jedi order Era. The planet was conquered by many different factions form the CIS and the new, reformed Republic to the Divided kingdoms of Osole and Atreides and the Yuuzhan Vong. Before the annihilation of Dune, only few and minor events happened but after its colonization, the planet changed many governments many times and its residents experienced many battles until their total destruction from the Yuuzhan Vong invaders.


Surface and climate

Eighty percent of the planet was covered by very hot deserts incapable of supporting life. A ten percent of the surface was covered with forests. The forests had only bugs such as butterflies,beets and spiders. The rest ten percent of the planet was covered by water in the form of rivers or lakes.The majority of the water was inside the forests and the mountains.

Despite of the great size of the deserts, inside the forests were various kinds of plants, some of them only existed on Dune. There were mostly trees like assari and ferns. There were also many other different kinds of plants, transferred from other planets and planted on Dune such as the chrysanthus.In the rivers and lakes were living few kinds of fish. The most known kinds were the blackfish and the blowfish.Unfortunately, the rate of rains were decreasing with the result the slow extinction of any kind of life on Dune. The reformed Republic realized that problem and expanded the forests, changing the whole environment on Dune and making it friendlier to other species.


Many events took place on planet Dune from the Old Republic to the Yuuzhan Vong war. The events before Arrakis be the leader of Dune are not so known as they were minor and not important.

Sith and the old Republic

The sith firstly discovered and visited Dune. They were searching for a light saber crystal that was, possibly, hidden there. This crystal, if ever existed, was able to give to his master incredible powers and making him almost invincible. This legend about this crystal made many dark lords, dark Jedi’s ad bounty hunters to visit dune because it was referred that the crystal is on a huge,desert planet far away from the galaxy core. The only known dark lords that visited Dune for this reason was, firstly Darth Revan with his apprentice, Darth Malak and, afterwords, Darth Odysseas. Even after many researches to the possible places, none of them ever found this crystal or a sign that this crystal exist. The only thing that they found were the dead corpses of other sith and bounty hunters who wanted this crystal for themselves.
Darth Odysseas shuttle landing on Dune's surface

At the same time, the Old Republic was ignoring the existence of Dune, because this planet was, almost, approaching the borderlines between the known galaxy and the Unknown Regions. The old republic ships were rarely passing near to the Unknown Regions and none of them approached Dune, or its moons. But the Dune's star was known to the Republic.


The following years Dune was completely unknown to everyone.This was changed when the clone wars started and the CIS discovered this planet. At the second year of clone wars, CIS sent a small force of droids to Dune with the order to construct a research facility there. CIS wanted to improve the current types of droids, including new types of droidekas, a new version of Ultra battle droid and much more. Finally after 2 months a new type of droid constructed and named as the B4 Ultra battle droid. When the CIS made a powerful but small sized army of B4 Ultra battle droids and it was ready to send this army to fight, a fleet of Repuplic ships approached the planet. The republic informed that the CIS had built a research facility there and sent an acclamator cruiser to destroy it.

First battle of Dune

When the ships came close to Dune they faced a small CIS space station. The space station was small but it was armed with powerful and accurate defense cannons. All the cannons concentrated their power to the republic acclamator cruiser destroying most of its cannons and its hangar. The cruiser's firepower was bigger and the CIS station destroyed.

The acclamator cruiser landed on Dune and deployed clone troopers and clone commandos. The notable members were the Clone Commander Araph and the vex squad, a clone commando demolition squad from the Shield operation. The objective was to destroy all the droids who were inside, blowing up the whole facility.

Their first thought was that this battle was a piece of cake. They believed that inside on the facility were only engineer droids and outside of the facility a very small number of battle droids or super battle droids guarding the facility, but when they reached the facility they saw a big force of brand new B4 Ultra battle droids awaiting them. Some of these droids got in the facility and some others stayed there to fight the clones. It was impossible for a single clone to beat one of these droids. Only a group of five or more was able to. The clones used rocket launchers for more effectiveness and forced the droids to get inside the facility. The clones were frightened by these droids and didn't want to get inside but their commander ordered them to do. The Vex squad was behind, covered with other clones in order to successfully plant the bomb. When the clones met the droids they thought about retreating. The commander ordered them to stay until the Vex squad plant the bomb. Finally, the Vex squad planted the bomb and the clones retreated. The droids didn't follow them and stayed behind. The bomb blew up and all the droids were destroyed. After the explosion, the republic left Dune with the few survived clone troopers. Despite of the loss, the CIS managed to got the schematics of the new droid and started constructing a small but devastating army on Raxus Prime.

Galactic Empire and Rebellion

The Galactic Empire didn't care about Dune. The Emperor was thinking that there was no reason to conquer the planet, but the rebel's opinion was different. They set up their bases there and an X-wing factory in order to make more X-wings. Firstly they developed T-65 X-wings but after the battle of Yavin IV and the destruction of the first death star, they started developing Y-wings and A-wings too. When the empire started constructing the second Death Star the emperor was thinking about making new factories because the size of the second death star would be much bigger. The Emperor sent a small force of 2 carrier ships to land on this planet and set up a factory.

Assault on Dune

When the imperial carriers reached Dune, the rebel space station attacked to the cruisers. X-wings surrounded the imperial carriers making them almost incapable of moving. The imperial ships hadn't any defense system and tried to retreat to the hyperspace. One of the ships destroyed and the other returned to the emperor. The emperor decided to attack immediately to the rebels sending a big force of ships and ground forces.

Rebels sending a force to hit the imperial ground assault.

Very soon, an imperial star destroyer, 2 acclamator cruisers and 6 reinforcement pods who contained clone troopers and AT-ST's reached Dune destroying the rebel space station. After the space battle the pods landed on the planet and hit the rebel base. The rebel structures were destroyed, as were the X-wing and Y-wing factories. The rebels hide on the rest of the structures and asked from Hoth space support. Finally, the rebels destroyed the imperial land forces but only few of them survived. The casualties for the rebels were big because they lost a space station, all the structures that they set there and two powerful factories.

The emperor ordered the ships to stay above dune until more reinforcement pods come. A week later an extremely big fleet came from Hoth including Corellian corvettes, Y-wings, X-wings and a Corellian gunship. The rebel ships destroyed the imperial acclamators and forced the almost destroyed star destroyed to retreat to hyperspace. The rebels won the battle but decided not to stay on Dune but to abandon the planet. The survivors got inside the Corellian corvettes and the remaining rebel ships returned to Hoth.

New Republic

After the fall of the Galactic empire in the battle of Endor the reformed Republic decided to colonize more planets.One of them was Dune. The new republic firstly constructed there 3 cities. The majority of citizens were humans and Twi'leks but there were also living other species such as wookies and Gungans. The forests expanded and the population was continually increasing.

The following years Dune became a very famous planet in the whole galaxy. It was also known as the second Tatooine.More cities were build there, and the planet's popularity rapidly began to rise every year until it became fully annihilated. The forests were covering about the 30% of the planet, making Dune a very popular planet. The leader of Dune, known as Arrakis,decided that the moons of Dune must be annihilated too. He started a campaign named by him as the Arrakis expanding campaign. The participants were humans, Twi'leks and Wookiees. The result of the campaign was the semi-annihilation of Aselo. Only the species who helped on this campaign had the permission to live on Aselo as citizens.All the other species were able to visit Aselo but not to stay there as residents.

Assassination of Arrakis

After the colonization of Aselo, Dune was becoming more and more corrupted. Many pirates and bounty hunters were traveling to this planet killing or stealing people. Arrakis was supporting these actions because was corrupted too. He was trying to make money without caring for the citizens of Dune. Dune was becoming more and more infamous and the people were complaining about the condition of their life.

A group of Wookiees who called themselves "the reclaimers" were assassins or skilled warriors working for the worst enemy of Arrakis, Atreides. Their leader was a bounty hunter named Kwassas.Their ultimate goal was to make Atreides the new leader of Dune.He promised them that,when he conquer Dune they would be rich and achieve good military positions to his empire.There were many rumors about Atreides. Some people were saying that he was the reason of the pirate invasions on Dune. Some others were saying that he is planning to be the next leader of Dune.

Arrakis wanted to talk to the citizens of Dune, in the capital of Dune, Selesia. Many people from other cities traveled to listen his speech.Atreides knew about the Arraki's speech and sent the 20 most skilled members of the brotherhood of Reclaimers to kill him. The leader to this execution was the wookiee Kwassas. They traveled to selesia and watched the Arrakis speech. Kwassas quickly raised his sniper and hit Arrakis in his head, killing him. Arrakis fell down and the members of the reclaimers started running to escape, while others started hitting the guards. Kwassas asked for help from his teammates but they ran to escape, betraying him. Finally,the guards killed all the members of the reclaimers but they accomplished their mission. Arrakis was dead.
Kwassas with other members of the reclaimers.

Divided Kingdoms

After the assassination of Arrakis, Atreides started a propaganda to prove that he must be the lord of Dune. At the same time the Arrakis son, Osole,who was a democrat supporter but only nineteen years old and inexperienced, started his campaign to restore his father, Arrakis. Finally two kingdoms were made, the Democrat Kingdom to Restore Arrakis (DKRA), a republic kingdom with the goal to restore the Republic on Dune, and the Atreides Kingdom, a dictator kingdom. The new republic decided to take Dune as a threat and consider both of them as hostiles.

The two kingdoms constructed their army, ships and equipment. Atreides creations were mostly based to the pirate technology when Osole, mostly used modified Republic equipment. Because the most of the citizens was on the Osole's side he was constructing many and cheap equipment. Atreides was constructing very powerful and expensive units and vehicles for his few followers. Osole started propaganda against Atreides to restore the democracy on the planet when Atreides was continually expanding the terrorism forcing the people to join him or to die with Osole. After two months, Atreides decided to annihilate Aselo starting a new war known as the Dune wars.

Battle of Aselo

The first battle was on the Dune's moon, Aselo. Atreides wanted to expand his empire when Osole wanted to protect it from him. Atreides firstly visited Aselo and set his main base there.He made the few people who lived there to obey him and consider him as their new leader.He set a powerful station and developed a defensive super weapon against Osole. At the same time the son of Arrakis started making space stations with the ability to hit a target to the planet. When he learned that Atreides has taken Aselo, he unified almost all his ships making a fleet and attacked to Atreides.

Atreides had constructed on Aselo a small sized space station incapable to face any combat situation, only for communication purposes. The station was destroyed after the Osole's attack and he automatically gained full control in space. He ordered the ships to deploy the soldiers and vehicles and invaded to Aselo. The soldiers of Osole were four times more than the Atreides but he had established powerful defenses on his bases protecting them from heavy fire.

After three days of war, Osole reclaimed the majority of Aselo leaving to Atreides a amall part of the moon with his main base.All the citizens were safe and saved but they hadn't any place to stay anymore. Atreides destroyed all the major and most of the minor cities and killed most of the citizens on Aselo. When he realized that he lost this battle, he left the moon with his shuttle taking with him two commanders and important personel.

The last DKRA forces successfully hit the last bases and the HQ forcing the Atreides soldiers to surrender. But they didn't know that Atreides defensive super weapon(the Chain reaction rocket)was activated and ready to hit any target on the planet. The small base near the rocket was untouched as its location was completely unknown from DKRA. The rocket activated and hit an DKRA ammunition base. That was enough as it caused a chain reaction destroying anything on the surface. The Atreides soldiers on the rocket's base were wrongly informed that the explosion would just destroy a small part of the moon but this was another lie. A single explosion was enough to destroy any kind of life from the forests to humans.

First space battles on Dune

After the destruction of the moon Aselo, Atreides sent a message to DKRA the message that if they continue resisting, Dune would be fully destroyed by two Chain reaction rockets and he will abandon the planet and go to a secret space station that he made for this occasion.Of course, he had no more money to make more rockets or to have a secret base. Osole believed his lies and prepared the rest of his fleet to destroy any space base. The ships destroyed two small space bases but they retreated when they faced a military base. Atreides send his main fleet named "Flaming anger" and hit the Osole's fleet forcing it to spread.
A republic soldier on Dune during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion

Osole decided to ask help from the Republic as it was his last hope to beat the Atreides empire. After the message he sent, the Republic sent a small force of defensive ships able to resist heavy fire than execute a successful assault and promised him that they will send more forces soon to restore the previous government on the planet. Osole had no choice and decided to remain on a defensive stance and wait the intel that the Republic had promised.

Atreides continued to do small scaled assaults on space but the Republic ships successfully defended the Osole's space stations. Atreides failed to explain how he created too many and big ships in a so short duration of time. He sent the "Flaming anger" to Osole's main space station to destroy it with the Republic ships but he failed again.

The Yuuzhan Vong invasion

After a week, the Republic sent a ship full of Republic soldiers and asked from Atreides to join to the empire and stop terrorize people. The republic promised him a high politic position as they recognized his intelligence and his strategic mind. Atreides was not sure what to do. He had the military power to resist the Republic attacks but he knew that they won't stop until they destroy his empire.When he was ready to quit and join to the Republic, a fleet of strange, unknown ships approached Dune, eliminating any kind of resistance.

Osole send all the republic ships that he had when Atreides sent only the "Flaming Anger". Both of these fleets hit with all of his powers the unknown ships but they fully destroyed,not because they were too weak but because the invaders ships were too many to be beaten. After that failure the Republic warned Osole about what are they and what do they want. He was suggested to take as many residents as possible and leave the planet ad that the republic soldiers will defend the planet as much as they can. Osole started taking citizens from the planet,moving them to the republic ships(the ones that transferred the Republic infantry) and prepared to leave the planet. The republic sent a small fleet to open a way for Osole and helped him to escape to hyperspace. Osole escaped to hyperspace with the other ships,leaving Dune.

Two days after Osole escaped, a large force of Yuuzhan Vong landed on Dune, more specifically on a deserted area inside the Osole's territory. They prepared to assault and eliminate any kind of resistance. After hitting the first city the republic soldiers set any kind of defense and garrisoned in buildings. The Yuuzhan Vong were heading to the previous capital city of Dune, selesia. The rebublic soldiers blocked all the entries with their few vehicles and obstacles and garrsoned in buildings. After a great battle between them,the Yuuzhan Vong fully destroyed the city, thanks to their superior number.

After the destruction of Dune's capital, Selesia, the Yuuzhan Vong continued expanding and destroying everything in their way. Atreides tried to escape but it was impossible because the majority of the Yuuzhan Vong ships were above his territory. He decided not to risk his life attempting to leaving the planet but to stay and fight them. He started constructing defenses, vehicles, aircraft units and asked the help of the Rebublic soldiers. He didn't believe that they weren't able to send him reinforcements and that the Yuuzhan Vong invaders destroyed so many cities at a so short duration of time. Atreides knew that this was his would be the last fight on Dune.

The destruction of Dune

After a week, and when Atreides just started to construct defenses, two Yuuzhan Vong ships landed on the planet and deployed a great force to a deserted surface, in the territory of Atreides. This time that force was even bigger than before and was heading to the main headquarters of Atreides. Atreides told to his people that he will move to his last,secret base and took his personal shuttle. Of course,Atreides was lying as he found a small transport ship to his old headquarters and was ready to abandon Dune and save his life. He took to his ship some friends and allies who helped him(such as the last, surviving members of the "Reclaimers") he successfully left the planet,thanks to the stealth capabilities of his ship.

Dune was finally destroyed and the Yuuzhan Vong invaders set their buildings there. They mostly used the planet for military purposes,more specifically to make battle ships and aircraft units there. After their destruction, Dune was never annihilated by anyone because the Yuuzhan Vong aliens destroyed the environment and any other existence of life. Dune returned to its previous condition, the way it was in the time of the Old Republic.

Behind the scenes


Atreides was one of the most mysterious persons on Dune. No one knew his home world, his age or any biographical information about him. For the citizens of Dune, he was the man who came from nowhere and became the dictator of Dune, starting the Dune wars. It is also unknown where he gone after escaping from Dune. He, possibly, found the coordinates of Osole's ship and followed him. His shuttle had many extra mechanical emplacements, one of them was the ability to find the coordinates of a selected ship.

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