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Dullahan (デュラハン Durahan) is a recurring enemy and boss in the Final Fantasy series. The dullahan typically takes on the form of an undead knight.



Final Fantasy III

Dullahan in Final Fantasy III
Main article: Dullahan (Final Fantasy III)

The Dullahan is fought in Castle Hein as a normal enemy and is the strongest enemy in the area. A similar enemy is the Thanatos, but it is much stronger. The Thanatos is found in the Ancients' Maze.

Final Fantasy VI

Dullahan in Final Fantasy VI
Main article: Dullahan (Final Fantasy VI)

The Dullahan is a boss fought in Darill's Tomb. The similar Daedalus is fought in Kefka's Tower as a normal enemy, along with palette swaps of many other bosses. In the Advance release, Armodullahan is fought as a normal enemy in Dragon's Den.

Final Fantasy XII

Dullahan's bestiary entry
Main article: Dullahan (Final Fantasy XII)

The Dullahan is a normal enemy encountered in the Lhusu Mines. Contrary to its other appearances, it is not an undead enemy and is a giant-type instead.

Vagrant Story

Dullahan in Vagrant Story
Main article: Dullahan (Vagrant Story)

The Dullahan is a boss encountered in the Wine Cellar.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Dullahan in Mystic Quest
Main article: Dullahan (Mystic Quest)

The Dullahan is fought as a boss on Mt. Gale. Palette swaps of the Dullahan, the Thanatos, are fought in the final areas of the game.


The dullahan is a mythical horseman, a headless knight who rides a black horse, sometimes in a cart made from bones and funeral objects that is pulled by the horse. The dullahan will ride through the night and call out a person's name, at which point that person dies, and they will violently strike down anyone who sees them, using a whip made from a human spine to lash out their eyes. The legend of the dullahan may have inspired the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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