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Bombing of the Senate Hall


Skirmish on Skip 5


Bombing of Auyemesh

Duel on Telti

Almanian Uprising


17 ABY




Kueller's organization


The Duel on Telti was a lightsaber duel that occurred on the factory-world of Telti in 17 ABY, when Luke Skywalker traveled there to find out how Brakiss was involved with causing the Bombing of the Senate Hall.



After the bombing of the Senate Hall, Luke Skywalker visited the hall and sensed that his former student Brakiss had somehow helped to cause the destruction that had occurred. He decided to investigate this further and traveled to Brakiss's homeworld, Msst. While there, he met Brakiss's mother, who informed him that Brakiss was on Telti and wanted Luke to confront him, so that he could kill his former master. Luke then flew to Telti and landed on it's north face, inside one of the vast droid factories that covered the moon. He began to wander through in search of Brakiss, who tracked his movements via concealed surveillance cameras and had the Red Terror silently flank him. He sent a transmission to Kueller to inform him of Luke's arrival and the Almanian warlord told Brakiss to send the Jedi Master to Almania. He then sent C-9PO to greet Skywalker and lead him to the plant's assembly room. Luke could sense through the Force that Brakiss was nearby and that he was nearby, so he complied and followed the protocol droid.

The duel

Luke entered the assembly room, where Brakiss was waiting for him. Brakiss demanded to know what the Jedi Master wanted with him and denied any connection between him and the Senate bombing when Skywalker asked him about this. Brakiss became angry and pulled out his lightsaber, slashing it at Luke. Luke drew his blade instantly and parried Brakiss's thrust, smashing the Dark Jedi's lightsaber against a nearby conveyor belt. They clashed again and, although Luke could match all of Brakiss's movements, he noted that his former student had gained strength during the last few years. Brakiss then attacked with a series of small thrusts and then arced his blade in a circular movement. Luke didn't move quickly enough and Brakiss's lightsaber seared his shirt, narrowly missing his skin. Luke then concentrated on each of Brakiss's movements, making a conscious decision to defend himself, rather than actively attack Brakiss. The Dark Jedi swung from left to right with his saber, aiming for Luke's unprotected sides. Luke blocked each attack and Brakiss's swings got fiercer and sloppier. A blast of fear, caused by Kueller, surrounded Brakiss and he stopped attacking and raised his blade. Luke turned off his lightsaber and Brakiss commanded Luke to kill him. Luke refused and Brakiss revealed that he had been paid to get a message to him, that the answers he wanted were on Almania. Luke realized that the person Brakiss feared was Almania, so decided to go there.


Brakiss contacted Kueller and informed him that Luke was going to travel to Almania, something that Kueller congratulated him on.

Luke flew to the Almanian system, but on his arrival there, decided to investigate Almania's moon, Pydyr, before investigating the planet itself. An explosive inside his X-wing detonated as he landed, injuring him. He was soon after captured by Kueller.



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