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Duel on Ossus

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The Duel on Ossus was a personal engagement between the Sith Knight Darth Micail, Regent of the Sith Empire and Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker in 62 ABY; in the midst of the greater Battle of Ossus. Following Darth Micail's assault on the Jedi garrison on Dathomir, it became public knowledge that the entire garrison had been slaughtered; including Skywalker's cousin – Jaina Solo.

As soon as the identity of the attacker became known, Skywalker took it upon himself to bring Micail to justice and set about planning to ambush the Sith Knight; however the ambush was anticipated and failed, although Skywalker was allowed to escape by Micail in a small attempt to make up for Solo's death. By the time the two next met a year later, Micail's attitude towards Solo's death had changed greatly; having completely thrown his Jedi heritage away.

Leading the second days' assault on the Jedi Praxeum, Micail was confronted by Skywalker and brutally attacked, although the seasoned Sith Knight more than held his own. However, the mere fact that Micail was more than holding his own only served to further enrage Skywalker, who renewed his assault with increased ferocity and anger. Micail could clearly sense the rage inside Skywalker building, and basked in it; however a recalled ordered by Darth Adsec brought Micail back and gave Skywalker the upper-hand. Micail, unwilling to let a Jedi so young as Skywalker fall to the dark side used the Force to smash a large stone into Skywalker's side, giving Micail the chance he needed to knock the young Jedi to the floor; unconscious.

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