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Duel Runner, also called a D-Wheel (D・ホイール), is a special Duel Disk extension, developed by KaibaCorp introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's for Turbo Duels. They are equipped with a screen which shows details like the current duel field or the Life Points. The helmet also serves to display various information, such as the ATK Points of a monster. It can approach speeds of up to 220 kilometers (136.62 miles) per hour during a Turbo Duel.

In each Duel Runner, there are one (later two) specific card(s) integrated: the Field Spell Card "Speed World" (and later "Speed World 2"). If this card is activated, the duel screen on the Runner will appear. Other information, which are irrelevant to the Duel, can be switched off.

"Speed World"/"Speed World 2" also activates the Duel Disk, which is attached to the Duel Runner.

Some Duel Runners are hybrids, with Card Zones that can be detached and used as standard Duel Disks. Season 2 also introduces Duel Boards, customized skateboards built for children to do Turbo Duels; it also counts as a simplified version of a standard Duel Runner.



The first Duel Runner made by Yusei Fudo. Jack Atlas stole it from him along with "Stardust Dragon" before leaving his friends. According to Jack Atlas it has since been destroyed. In the English anime, Jack's current Duel Runner is the first one Yusei made. In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator, this runner was not actually destroyed, but was actually being used to power an experiment in secret. The reason for this is unknown seeing as it was only seen in flashbacks.
Yusei Fudo's Duel Runner - Yusei Fudo uses a Duel Runner similar to his last one but colored in red, which is known to be a rare color. It is a hybrid built mainly from refurbished scrap metal of older runners. It includes a duel disk in the design of a Battle City Duel Disk, also apparently scavenged from the endless junkyard wastes of the ruined Satellite region. The disc along with most of the runner's parts, including the latest top of the line marketed KaibaCorp acceleration chip: the Skyline 30; were either scavenged or stolen from sector security.

In Japan, Yusei Fudo's Duel Runner was used in the commercial for the The Duelist Genesis.

Jack Atlas' Duel Runner, known as Phoenix Whirlwind in the English version of the series, but known as Wheel of Fortune in the Japanese version. Jack's Duel Runner is a hybrid. In the English version, this is also Yusei's first Duel Runner
Sector Security's standard Duel Runner - Members of Sector Security, including Trudge, use this type of Duel Runner.
Hunter Pace's Duel Runner - His Duel Runner is in the style of a chopper.
Bolt Tanner's Duel Runner - Tanner's Duel Runner from his days as a pro duelist. Judging by Episodes 65 onward, this is a commonly used model among Turbo Duelists. Greiger had a black version of this model during his flashback before his duel with Yusei.
Blister & Aero's Duel Runner - This Duel Runner was owned by both Blister & Aero and was used for Tag Turbo Duels. Blister drove the bike with Aero in the sidecar. During a duel, the sidecar broke off and was destroyed leaving the motorcycle part.
Greiger's Duel Runner - Called The Beast in the English dub; A large, skull-adorned Duel Runner in the style of a dragster. The back wheel tires can also come off, revealing a set of blades mounted on each axle, similar to a war chariot. It was later remodeled after Greiger became a Dark Signer.
Crow Hogan's Duel Runner, known as Blackbird can change into a flight mode, by folding out a set of wings. Like Yusei and Jack's Duel Runner, this is also a hybrid model. It is revealed that this Duel Runner originally belong to Robert Pearson, who gave it to Crow before he died.
Sector Security's Duel Runner for Tag Duels. It is a massive armored van manned by two Security officers. The duel is shown on a large monitor in front of the pair. An eye-like probe detaches from the main van and follows the opponents to project the monsters.
Rex Goodwin's Duel Runner - Goodwin used this to fly off the Daedalus Bridge. This Duel Runner came to symbolize freedom. This is the inspiration for the flight mode on Crow's Duel Runner.
Kalin Kesler's Duel Runner - Kalin uses this Duel Runner in Shadow Turbo Duels. It appears to have been created with such duels in mind, as it is able to take far more punishment than the typical Duel Runner. It is the Duel Runner equivalent to a Dark Signer's duel disk, with the dragon wing at the back and the teeth in the front. It was presumably destroyed upon Kalin's defeat.
After becoming a Dark Signer, Greiger's Duel Runner was redesigned for Shadow Turbo Duels, making it more powerful than before. He also includes a new design featuring geoglyph patterns like Kalin's and a new set of spiked axles to his Duel Runner. It was crushed by falling debris after Greiger rammed it into Blackbird to save Crow.
Carly Carmine appears with her own Duel Runner in to duel against Jack Atlas. The design is similar to Kalin's Duel Runner, but with alternate coloring which represents her personality as a Dark Signer.
Ghost's Duel Runner. This Duel Runner was one that Sector Security was testing, but was taken by Placido for Ghost's use.
Sherry Leblanc's Duel Runner. She rides it in her Turbo Duel with Yusei, with Akiza watching on top of his Runner. This Duel Runner seems to resemble a horse, with the card spaces on its neck and its monitor having a royal theme.
Mizoguchi's Duel Runner. Its front is themed like an old-fashioned car.
Bokuru`s Duel Runner. It was destroyed by Machine Emperor Wisel.
Placido's Duel Runner. This Duel Runner isn't registered in Security's database, which led them to believe it was Ghost.
Dark Glass's Duel Runner. Its unusual design allows it to achieve incredible speeds far beyond that of a normal Duel Runner. To onlookers, the sudden burst of acceleration gives the impression that his Duel Runner has vanished completely.
Akiza Izinski's Prototype Duel Runner. It was built by Yusei and his friends as a gift for her. Akiza uses it to learn how to drive one, and in the first part of her evaluation, to obtain her license.
Akiza Izinski's Duel Runner after being remodeled by Yusei, Jack and Crow for Akiza's qualification Duel. She uses it in her first Turbo Duel against Trudge.
The Turbo Duel exam Duel Runner. This model of Duel Runner was used by all the applicants for a Turbo Duel license except for Akiza. It and the Sector Security Duel Runners are the only mass-produced Duel Runners shown in the anime. Syd's gang uses pure black versions of this model.
A Duel Runner belonging to a person living in New Domino City, it was stolen by a member of Syd's gang.
The Duel Runner that Bruno uses; it is unknown if this is his actual Duel Runner or just one that he borrowed from Yusei, Jack and Crow.
The Duel Runner which is used by members of Ramon's gang.
Lotten´s Duel Runner. Its front head is in the shape of a drilling machine.
Bolger's Duel Runner. It has boosters that allow it to gain more speed and was built to go around turns easier.

Wheelie Breakers only

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers, some characters which don't have Duel Runners in the anime use virtual ones to duel in the Virtual Terminal Turbo Dueling system.

Akiza Izinski has a red and black Duel Runner, with a helmet resembling her 'Black Rose' mask.
Leo has a small, light blue Duel Runner with an aerial, matching his hairstyle. Its design is also similar to his custom Duel Disk.
Luna has a Duel Runner similar to her brother but pink in color and two aerials.
Mr. Armstrong's Duel Runner is a type of Security Duel Runner.
Sir Randsborg's Duel Runner follows his medieval-theme and matches his armor.
Lazar's Duel Runner is purple with a grinning face painted on the front.

Manga only

Sect's Duel Runner is modeled after a bee.
The Skeleton Knight uses his horse as his Duel Runner.

Super Fusion! Bonds That Trascend Time

Paradox's Duel Runner. It is shown to have the ability to transform into a hovercraft.
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