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For the Fallout fansite, see Duck and Cover.
Duck and Cover!
effects: Skill improved: Explosives
weight: 2
value: 50
base id: 0006A80C

Duck and Cover! is a book found in Fallout 3. It is a book containing information about the manufacture and disarming of explosives.

An image of the book is copied onto a slide for the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide. The slide's identifying number is VDSG Plate #153-34.

Reading one of its copies will permanently increase your Explosives skill by 1 point. 2 points, if you have the Comprehension perk. There are 25 in total.



Closest map marker Location description
Alexandria Arms On the first floor, southern-most part of the building. On a bookshelf next to a fire hose box.
Charnel House Second floor of the ruined house, across the plank bridge.
Citadel In Citadel Laboratory, in the restrooms in a wooden crate inside one of the stalls.
Deathclaw Sanctuary Outside the entrance in a locked footlocker.
Dukov's Place To the south close to the river, on a small table in a Raider "fort" on the coast.
Evergreen Mills foundry: Lying next to a dead body on the ledge above the broken terminal.
F. Scott Key Trail & Campground On a picnic table.
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro In a ticket booth hidden behind a barricade near the Glowing Ones.
Farragut West Metro Station Just north of Super-Duper Mart, in a camp under a bridge.
Fort Constantine On a desk in the Launch Control Bunker.
Germantown Police HQ About one third of the way to Minefield, slightly north of the line connecting Germantown to Minefield, in a small Raider camp in a trainwreck. On the ground next to the bathtub. (coc ffraidercamp14) Coordinates (11.1,6.2) (Horizontal, Vertical Coordinates) according to Fallout 3 map.
Germantown Police HQ From the entrance to the fence maze outside of Germantown Police HQ, head south for ten yards or so. You'll find a destroyed road. Follow that south to an intersection by two ruined houses. Then follow the road west for a little while and you will see a house. Look on the bookshelf.
Hamilton's Hideaway In the Raider's lair on the counter by some Cherry Bombs and a bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum.
Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal To the north along the road, in the southeastern enterable shack with the pile of skeletal remains. Behind the turned over table next to the Mini Nuke.
Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop In the Signal Sierra Victor drainage chamber to the east of the activating antenna mast.
National Archives Lower level in the NW corner, in a room full of bookshelves. It is sitting on top of a school desk next to a pair of missiles.
National Archives Sub-basement in the generator room behind a Very Hard locked gate.
National Guard Depot Offices: on a long wooden table, that looks to be a bar.
Old Olney Sewer At the end of a rocky tunnel next to a skeleton.
Red Racer Factory Outside, to the north-northeast, at Scavenger's Bridge. It is on a shelf together with copies of Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual and Grognak the Barbarian. Must be stolen.
SatCom Array NW-07c To the northeast, halfway straight airline towards SatCom Array NW-05a: Down in the valley next to a few car wrecks. It's on the ground next to a skeleton and three ammo boxes. Coordinates (1.4, 2.9) (Horizontal, Vertical Coordinates) according to Fallout 3 map.
Springvale School On the upper floor, next to the active computer terminal past the locked library doors.
Super Mutant Bunker In The Mall, north of Museum of Technology.
Tenpenny Tower Just west of the tower, towards Warrington Trainyard, in a completely destroyed house on top of a shelf.
Vault 92 In the Overseer's office on a shelf.


Behind the scenes

  • The book is based off of a late 1950's through 1960's short Cold War educational film called "Duck and Cover", a film about a turtle named Bert, who would duck and cover during the sign of any danger. The film was presented to students in classroom's across the states to teach kids what to do in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States.


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