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Duchess Gambit

merchants: Tobar, Nadine
quests: The Local Flavor

The Duchess Gambit is a ferry which appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Operated by Tobar the Ferryman, it transports the Lone Wanderer to Point Lookout. It is comparable to that of The Pitt's rail car, and the Presidential Metro in the Broken Steel DLC.

Tobar sells the player tickets for 330 caps each (with 100 Barter, having Master Trader in addition drops the cost to 300), although, upon proceeding far enough into the main quest line, the player is able to ride for free when Nadine takes command of the ferry.


  • Likely due to design oversight, when on the deck of the ferry you can hear the engine chugging away quite loudly, but it is completely silent inside the engine room.
  • There are actually 2 versions of the Duchess Gambit, one for the Capital Wasteland and one for Point Lookout. This can be observed by dropping something on the cot and travelling between locations find it gone. Should you travel back and look at the cot it will mysteriously reappear! This is actually due to the fact that when an item is set down it is placed at a latitude and longitude point as opposed to on "something". By placing something in the footlocker you can see that it is actually the same boat, as the items will be there while in Point Lookout and in the Capital Wasteland.



  • After killing Tobar the Ferryman, sometimes in the room with the brain matter there will be a random raiders head that is shaven. (Xbox 360)


The Duchess Gambit appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

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