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The spell Double in Final Fantasy VIII

Doublecast, also known as X-Magic, Dualcast, or Double, is a recurring ability which allows a character to cast two spells in one turn.




Final Fantasy IV

Dualcast appears as a Augment Ability in the Nintendo DS version. It is obtained by speaking with the Mysidian Elder if the player gave three Augment abilities to Palom and Porom before they left the party, with each twin having at least one ability each. Dualcast is compatible with all forms of magic.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Golbez and Fusoya can perform Double Black as a Band Ability, and can cast Double Firaga, Double Blizzaga, Double Thundaga, or Double Meteor.

The ability Dualcast can be extracted from the Dark Crystal on the 15th floor of the Lunar Depths. The ability is acquired by defeating the optional boss Death Gaze, and can only be learned by Palom, Porom, or Leonora.

Final Fantasy V

Dualcast is the Level 4 ability of the Red Mage. Dualcast notably works with most types of magic, even Summon Magic. The only exception is Blue Magic. However, these magic types must still be equipped to be used with Dualcast. Because it is a form of Red Magic, Dualcast on its own gives access to a handful of basic White and Black magic spells without the character having any other magic types equipped.

Final Fantasy VI

Dualcast, also known as X-Magic, can be used if a character is equipped with the Soul of Thamasa Relic. The only drawback is that the character cannot summon the Esper he or she currently has equipped. By combining the Relic with the Quick spell, the equipped character can effectively cast five spells each turn.

Final Fantasy VII

The W-Magic Materia allows a character to cast two spells in one turn. The somewhat similar Quadra-Magic Materia lets the linked Magic Materia be cast four times for the cost of one casting.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Dualcast is a Support Materia Zack Fair can either buy from the Network Shop Shade or find in a chest during Mission 9-1-4.

Final Fantasy VIII

Both Double (ダブル, Daburu) and Triple (トリプル, Toripuru) spells are spells usable by the player, and by some enemies. The Double spell inflicts the status effect "Double" which allows characters to temporarily cast two spells at once. The Triple spell inflicts the status "Triple" which allows characters to temporarily cast three spells at once. Cerberus casts both on the party when summoned.

Final Fantasy IX

When Vivi goes into Trance, he can use Double Black; cast two Black Magic spells in one turn. When Eiko Trances, she can use Double White; cast two White Magic spells in one turn.

Final Fantasy X

Doublecast only allows a character to cast two Black Magic spells in a row. It is located in Lulu's section of the Sphere Grid, but several locks must be passed first.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Doublecast is learned by Red Mages via the Madu. When used, it allows the unit to cast two spells from both of the A-Ability sets if possible. Doublecast works with White, Black, Summon, Spirit Magic, as well as certain Corner abilities. Doublecast can also be used to avoid some elemental, skillset, and Dmg2 laws because Doublecast is seen by the game as a non-aggressive, non-elemental, Red Magic ability. It is also one of few abilities in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance to cost 999 AP to master.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Doublecast is again learned by the Red Mage for 990 AP via the Madu rapier. The game mechanics for it have changed, though; it is more sensitive to laws than its incarnation in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Though specific skillset laws have been abolished, the spells used in Doublecast will be sensitive to elemental laws.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Terra's EX Mode allow her to cast most of her spells twice in a row without pause.


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