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Roleplay NPCs are in Tibia for roleplaying purposes only. They do not sell or buy anything, they won't bring you on a trip, and they are not a part of a quest.

This page does neither include Guard NPCs.

Roleplay NPCs

Name Image:Trans.gif Job Buy/Sell Location
A Ghostly Woman Image:A Ghostly Woman.gif Apparition no Ghostland, here.
A Wrinkled Beholder Image:A Wrinkled Beholder.gif Librarian no Hellgate Library, under Ab'Dendriel
Abran Ironeye Image:Abran Ironeye.gif Shopmaster no Near the south-west gate of Venore, at the Ironhouse, here.
Admiral Wyrmslicer Image:Admiral Wyrmslicer.gif Guard Captain no Liberty Bay Fort, third floor.
An Apparition Image:An Apparition.gif Apparition no Ghostland, here.
Aneus Image:Aneus.gif Storyteller no North East of Carlin, not far from the north graveyard. (here)
Aruda Image:Aruda.gif Thief no Thais, here.
Barney Image:Barney.gif Treasure Hunter no Treasure Island
Basilisk Image:Basilisk.gif Unknown Occupation no Kazordoon mines, under the city. (Here)
Braden Image:Braden.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Bradford Image:Bradford.gif Bard no Liberty Bay
Cameron Image:Cameron.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Clark Image:Clark.gif Guard Captain no Port Hope (here)
Dagomir Image:Dagomir.gif Unknown Occupation no North east Venore above the second depot.
Danlon Image:Danlon.gif Treasure Hunter no Treasure Island
Djema Image:Djema.gif Librarian no Ashta'daramai
Doug Image:Doug.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Dustrunner Image:Dustrunner.gif Dog no In Venore 1 floor above the central depot.
Edowir Image:Edowir.gif Astrologer no White Flower Temple, south of Thais, here
Gordon Image:Gordon.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Graubart Image:Graubart.gif Ship Captain no Northport
Hamilton Image:Hamilton.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Irvin Image:Irvin.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Jason Image:Jason.gif Treasure Hunter no Treasure Island
Kalvin Image:Kalvin.gif Unknown Occupation no Southeast of Venore Depot, one level up the -Dress for Success- warehouse.
Leeland Image:Leeland.gif Shopmaster no In Venore, the building west from the central depot
Lightfoot Image:Lightfoot.gif Dog no In Venore 1 floor above the central depot.
Loria Image:Loria.gif Mage no Alatar Lake (North of Thais)
Loui Image:Loui.gif Monk no Rookgaard Premium Area (here)
Lungelen Image:Lungelen.gif Sorcerer Guild Leader no South-West corner of Thais on Sorcerer's Avenue, here.
Marlene Image:Marlene.gif Storyteller no Northport
Meraya Image:Meraya.gif Treasure Hunter no Treasure Island
Norris Image:Norris.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Oswald Image:Oswald.gif Unknown Occupation no Thais, at cross-roads of Temple Street, Main Street, and by Farm Lane, here.
Paolo Image:Paolo.gif Treasure Hunter no Treasure Island
Parlan Image:Parlan.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Phillip Image:Phillip.gif Teacher no North-east of Carlin, on Northern Street, here.
Robin Image:Robin.gif Paladin no Thais, north from the Sorcerer guild on Sorcerer's Avenue, (here)
Roderick Image:Roderick.gif Ambassador no Ab'Dendriel, above the post office (here)
Ross Image:Ross.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Talesia Image:Talesia.gif Shopkeeper no Venore, between the temple and second depot, close to boat.
Todd Image:Todd.gif Traveller no Temple Street and Main Street in Thais, above Frodo's shop, here.
Torence Image:Torence.gif Sugar Cane Harvester no Liberty Bay
Towncryer Image:Towncryer.gif Towncryer no Thais, around the depot and docks at Harbour and Main Street, (here)
Trimegis Image:Trimegis.gif Astrologer no Rain Castle central tower in northwest Thais on Royal Avenue (go up the stairs to the left in the throne room), here.
Vladruc Image:Vladruc.gif Shopkeeper no Venore magic shop, east of the depot and temple.
Wyat Image:Wyat.gif Sheriff no Ground floor of Thais Jail, west of the south gate on Harbour Street, here.

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