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Dry Ether artwork from Final Fantasy IV.

The Dry Ether, sometimes known as Hi-Ether or Ether2, is an item in the Final Fantasy series. It restores a lot of MP. It is generally more effective than a normal Ether, but not as strong as a Turbo Ether.




Final Fantasy

The Dry Ether appears in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary version of the original Final Fantasy. The first one available is a rare drop by the Lich. Others must be found in the bonus dungeons.

Dry Ether
Effect Restores all MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In Dragon Caves, Chaos Shrine (Past), Lifespring Grotto (x4), Whisperwind Cove (x5)
Won From Lich, Ahriman, Holy Dragon
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy IV

Dry Ether
Also Known As Ether2
Effect Restores 100 MP.
Buy In Hummingway Home
Find In Water Cave, Troia Castle (x2), Tower of Babil - Lower, Cave of Eblan, Tomra, Sealed Cavern, Land of Summons
Steal From Pink Puff
Won From Troia, Pink Puff, Tiny Mage, Toad Lady, Warlock, Witch
Cost 50,000 gil

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Dry Ethers restore 150 MP to one target. They can be won from the Tiny Mage enemy, as well as various other enemies, mainly the Mage-type monsters. They can also be bought for 50,000 gil in the final chapter in the Depths or Lunar Whale.

Final Fantasy V

Although not usable by normal means, Dry Ether is a Mix result by mixing a Hi-Potion with a Turtle Shell. This triples the effects of Ethers.

Final Fantasy VI

Also Known As Ether
Effect Restores 150 MP.
Buy In N/A
Find In [WOB] Narshe (Classroom)
[WOB] Returners' Hideout
[WOB] Jidoor
[WOB] Zozo (x2)
[WOB] Albrook
[WOB] Magitek Factory
[WOB] Vector (Banquest)
[WOR] Tzen
Steal From Sky Armor, Buffalax, Drop, Spit Fire, L.30 Magic, L.40 Magic, L.20 Magic, L.10 Magic, Right Blade, Left Blade
Won From Drop, Spit Fire, Whelk (Shell), L.30 Magic, L.40 Magic, L.20 Magic, L.10 Magic, L.50 Magic, L.60 Magic, L.70 Magic, L.80 Magic, L.90 Magic
Morph From N/A
Cost N/A

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Hi-Ethers restore 200 MP. They can be bought for 500 Rank Points.

Final Fantasy XI

Hi-Ethers, originally titled Ether2, are obtained a variety of different ways, such as crafted with the appropriate skill in Alchemy, purchase from an NPC vendor, or as rewards for special events like Assault or Burning Circle fights. There are four different varieties of Hi-Ethers: Hi-Ether, Hi-Ether +1, Hi-Ether +2, and Hi-Ether +3. The plus amount signifies a higher quality, with +3 being the best version, though other ethers exist that restore more MP. There also exists a backpack called a "Hi-Ether Tank" that dispenses a Hi-Ether on demand (up to 20 times per tank), found sometimes from Assault.

Final Fantasy XII

The Hi-Ether is not purchasable from shops, rather, it can only be acquired via treasure chests or synthesizing loots from the Bazaar. The ingredients of Hi-Ethers are: Foul Liquid x2, Slime Oil x4, Unpurified Ether x2. It is known as "Flask of Viscous Liquid" in the Bazaar and costs 12,000 gil. The amount of MP restored using the Hi-Ether depends on the Ether lores accessed.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Hi-Ether can be used as a ability for the Chemist Job class.

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