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Duke Druksmald Goltanna (ダクスマルダ・ゴルターナ, Dakusumaruda Gorutāna), also known as Prince Druksmald Goltana, is one of two rival nobles seeking power in Final Fantasy Tactics, the other being Duke Larg. Goltanna is represented by the Black Lion crest, and defended by the Order of the Southern Sky Knights. He is 56 years old and a Virgo.


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Seeking Power

Goltanna's plan for achieving power hinges on Princess Ovelia, one of two potential heirs to the throne. If Ovelia becomes Queen, Goltanna can then become her regent. However, if Prince Orinus becomes King instead, Larg will likely end up as regent. Larg's assistant Dycedarg Beoulve attempts to have Ovelia kidnapped from Orbonne Monastery and killed, but is unaware that kidnapper Delita Heiral is a double-agent working for Goltanna. While Delita is eventually forced to hand Ovelia over to Ramza Beoulve, who is fighting for neither side though he is Dycedarg's half-brother, a run-in with Cardinal Delacroix causes Ovelia to once again fall into Delita's hands, and she is delivered to Goltanna.


During the War

The King then dies, and both Larg and Goltanna attempt to enthrone their candidates. As a result, the War of the Lions breaks out. It all culminates into the Battle of Fort Besselat, where the knight of Order of the Northern Sky besiege the Order of the Southern Sky fortress. During the battle, an engineer named Barich Fendsor, working for the Church of Glabados who had secretly orchestrated the war, spreads Mossfungus poison throughout the Northern Sky ranks, making it seem as though the Order of the Southern Sky will win, but Ramza arrives and brings the battle to a dead halt by opening the Fort Besselat sluice. Goltanna attempts to have his men march out right through the water, but at that moment, Delita betrays and kills him.

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