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[[Image:|200px|center|Dru-Zod (Earth-40)]]
Real Name
Dru-Zod (Kryptonian name); Clark Kent (legal name)
Current Alias







Place of Birth

First appearance

JSA: The Unholy Three #1
(May, 2003)



Zod inhabited his universe's version of Krypton, a planet which approximated the human idea of utopia. However, Zod began showing psychopathic tendencies - while just a child, he released a virus that killed dozens. Given the severity of his actions, and the lack of any remorse, he was sentenced to the Phantom Zone - the first child on Krypton to merit such treatment.

On Earth, during the 1940s, the American government received word that the Nazis were working on teleportation research. Eager to get ahead, they attempted their own project. Unfortunately, the equipment overheated, producing no portal, but plucking the boy Zod out of the Phantom Zone. Feigning amnesia, Zod was given to a Kansas family and raised, as "Clark Kent", with Army supervision. When he developed his superpowers, he kept their full extent secret.

As Earth had a number of superhuman espionage agents already, Zod was trained for this role. Under the codename 'Super-Man', he was sent into Eastern Europe with the Bat and the Clock. He fought Parasite and Steelwolf, while investigating his sole weakness: a nuclear device the Russians had created. Finding his information, he incapacitated or killed several agents and headed into Russia to destroy the device. However, he was ultimately killed before he could finish the job.

Powers and Abilities



Kryptonian Power Set: The following represents the potential superhuman abilities available to the average Kryptonian while operating within a yellow sun environment such as Earth even if demonstration of such abilities has not been explicitly shown in a canonical resource. Variations of these powers may apply depending upon the wielder in question.

  • Kryptonian powers - Zod had all the powers of a Kryptonian placed under a yellow sun.
  • Limited espionage training
  • Killer instinct


  • Magic
  • Psionics
  • Additionally, in the event of his universe's version of Krypton exploding, he would be vulnerable to kryptonite from it


  • This article is based on the character who appeared in the JSA: The Unholy Three mini-series. As the character has yet to appear officially in mainstream comics, this can be considered a rough outline. Any discrepancies will be dealt with as they come up

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