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A Drop Party prior to the update.

Drop parties are events in which players drop items for fun, and other players try to pick them up first. Drop parties are held in the Falador Party Room. As of 17 March 2009, players can only hold drop parties in worlds 131 (M), 152, 103 (M), and 102. Jagex has justified this change as a way of further combating Real world trading.

A screenshot of a drop party at Barbarian Village in RuneScape Classic.

Drop parties are often advertised in the events section of the Official forums on the RuneScape website. Some scammers falsely advertise drop parties in order to obtain donations from other players to drop, but many drop parties are legitimate. Drops at drop parties may range from junk, like tin ore, to extremely valuable discontinued items, such as party hats.

Drop update

  • Due to the drop changes (Update:Trade and Drop Changes), drop parties can now only be held in the Falador Party Room. In this update, all players aside from the dropper will no longer be able to see an item worth more than 3,000gp when it is dropped onto the ground (even after 60 seconds, as it was prior to this update).
  • This update stops players from the popular scam "Drop Trading" and trading items to another one of your own accounts. It also stops one of the many methods for Real world trading.
  • This update was one of the main reasons for the World 66 Riot .


  • Drop parties posted on the forums often have many people there, so it is harder to get drops.
  • Some players enjoy "crashing" drop parties by putting in lots of useless junk.

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