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A drop is an item obtained by killing a monster. No source for the below information has been given, but this link[1] to the French forums provides an explanation which supports these claims.


Drop Properties

Each drop has three values associated with it: Drop Rate, Prospecting Lock, and Drop Limit.


Drop Rate

The drop rate refers to the probability of a monster dropping an item after it is defeated in combat. An item's drop rate can be improved by the prospecting of an individual player.

Example: A 4% base drop rate would become 7% with 175 prospecting (i.e., 4 multiplied by 1.75).

Although each player in a fight rolls separately, a group has a statistically better chance of dropping the more players it has, and the higher each member's individual prospecting is.

Drop Rate Stacking

Statistically, the more people in a fight, the better the odds that at least one person in the fight will get a given drop. The probability of at least one person getting a drop is calculated as follows:

  • D = Probability of drop expressed as a decimal (1% = .01)
  • PPx = Each Character's prospecting (PP1=char1, PP2=char2, etc), expressed as a percent (divided by 100)
  • G = Number of people in group
  • Pt = Total probability of at least one member of group getting drop (again, as a decimal)

Pt = 1-((1-(PP1*D))*(1-(PP2*D))...*(1-(PPG*D)))

Therefore, for an item with a drop rate of 5% and a party of 8 people with a prospecting of 100 each:

Pt = 1-((1-(1*.05))8)
   = 1-((1-.05)8)
   = 1-(.958)
   = 1-.6634   see note
   = .3366 or 33.66%

note: rounding is necessary at this step to keep the number manageable

If there is more than one of a given monster in a group, each monster will have the same chance to drop an item. The math is the same, only now the number of monsters is relevant instead of the number of players.

  • Pf = Final total probability of a drop from the given mob by the given group
  • Pb = Base total probability of drop from above formula
  • M = Number of relevant monster in group

Pf = 1-(1-Pt)M

(this one's simpler because you are dealing with multiple instances of a value that will definitely be the same)

If there are 5 of the monster in the mob, using Pt from the example above:

Pf = 1-(1-.3366)5
   = 1-(.6634)5
   = 1-(.2920) (rounding again)
   = .7080 or 70.8%

Prospecting Lock

The prospecting lock is the minimum amount of prospecting that a player or group of players must have before a drop has a chance to occur. If the prospecting lock is not met, there is no chance of getting the drop, no matter how high the drop rate is.

Prospecting locks vary widely. Some prospecting locks are so low that a single player will always have a chance of getting the drop. (In fact, some prospecting locks must be zero because non-paying players are able to get drops while soloing, yet non-paying players have zero prospecting.) Some locks are a little higher but can still be unlocked by a single player who has increased their prospecting through character points and/or equipment. Some locks are so high that they cannot be unlocked by a single player but require a group of players. The highest prospecting locks can only be unlocked by large groups of players. It is the prospecting at the end of the fight that matters, not the prospecting at the beginning.

Drop Limit

Some drops have a drop limit. For example, a horn dropped by a monster with only two horns might have a limit of 2. This means only 2 horns may drop from each monster. Even if three or more players succeeded their drop rolls, only the two first receive a horn.

It should also be noted that if a monster drops a horn, wool, and leather, each player can receive only one horn, wool, or leather for each of that monster in the fight. Of course once the drop limit (if there is one) is reached, subsequent players rolling for drops can't get the item anymore.

Drop Procedure

When the player side wins a fight against monsters, the players may receive drops. Each character gets a drop roll on each drop of each monster, except those drops with prospecting locks higher than the total prospecting of the team. If a drop roll is successful the character receives the item, unless the drop limit for that item has already been reached.

The character with the highest prospecting rolls for items first, followed by the character with the second highest prospecting, and so forth. In the case where two or more characters have the same prospecting, the tie is broken by Initiative.

Drop Rate Calculators

  • Dofus Playground Drop Rate Calculator

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese ドロップ
Romaji Doroppu
SNES Name Drop
PS Name Drop
GBA Name Dropper

The Dropper is an enemy in Final Fantasy VI. It is dangerous because it often Confuses characters using its special, Crazed Signal.

Related enemies

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

To drop (verb) is sometimes used to mean to "disconnect" (see Err 7).

Most often, however, drop refers to dead monsters leaving loot on the ground.

drop (verb)

To drop (verb) in Guild Wars means to drop treasure. When monsters are slain in the game, they will drop gold and items next to their corpses. This is symbolic of players rummaging through the corpse of a dead foe. It is because these items literally drop next to the corpse that most players will say, for example, "That monster dropped a staff."

drop (noun)

A drop (noun) is an item of treasure dropped from a dead monster. The slang expressions "This area has good drops!" and "I got lousy drops today!" are referring to the quality of items that players get after killing monsters.

See also

  • Loot is synonym for "drop"(noun). This article is very comprehensive.
  • Style and formatting/Bestiary has a list of common drops.
  • Drop rate

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

To 'Drop or Dropped or is Dropping is a professional wrestling term additionally incorporated in e-wrestling, refering to the event in which a champion relinquishes their championship in a scripted angle usually due to resignation or injury.

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Recipes Wiki, the recipe cookbook YOU can contribute to!

A kind of liquorice, available in various forms and tastes (salt and soft or sweet and hard you name it, and it probably exists)

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about the function that allows players to remove items from their inventories. For the items that monsters drop when they die, see Drops.
Players can drop items on the ground to form patterns.

The Drop function allows a player to remove an item from their inventory, causing it to appear on the ground at the player's feet. The object will remain on the ground for three minutes, during which time it is recoverable by the player who dropped it. After a short while, the object may become visible to other players, although this is not always the case. It appears as a red dot on the minimap to any player who is able to pick it up[1].



Dropping objects is used to free up space within a players inventory or to get rid of objects that are unwanted. Occasionally during quests an object will have to be dropped as well to progress.

Dropped items will remain visible only to the owner of the item for 1 minute. After that, if the item is worth less than 3,000 coins, anyone will be able to pick it up. If it is worth more, it simply disappears.

Drop art

Some players will drop random items usually of low value in order to create a path or picture. This practice is purely recreational, and in no way benefits the artist or the viewers, unless they have a need for one or more of the items dropped.


Main article: Destroy

The drop function is replaced by the Destroy function in some non-tradable items, usually holiday items or items requiring a specific skill or quest, etc. The destroy function is similar to the drop; it likewise removes the item from the inventory, but unlike drop, it does not appear on the game screen and cannot be recovered. Because of this, when a player attempts to destroy an item, he or she will always get a warning message, with very few exceptions, of course. The message usually lists possible ways to recover the item as well.

Drop trading

Main article: Drop trading

Prior to the unbalanced trade removal update in January 2008, dropping was frequently used to transfer items between a player's multiple accounts, in breach of the Rules of RuneScape[2]. The player would first log on one account, drop a valuable item, and then log into another account to pick the item up. With the new update however, Jagex has prevented valuable items from appearing to other players when dropped.


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  2. ^ Multiple logging-in. Rules of RuneScape. Jagex Ltd (2009-05-12). Archived from the original on 2009-09-13. Retrieved on 2009-09-13. “You may not transfer items between your accounts in any way.”

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