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Drone Cannon
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 40 (48) + 100 explosion
DPS: 140 (148)
attacks/sec: 1 (unmodified: 3.3333)
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 0.5
related perks:
crit dmg: 50
crit chance: x 1
ammo type: Alien Power Module
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 1
shots/reload: 1
skill: Big Guns
AP: 30
item HP: 1000
repair: Drone Cannon
weight: 18
value: 2000
base id: xx000845

The Drone Cannon is a weapon of alien origin which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on.



It is the removed arm cannon of a Guardian Drone. It fires a ball of energy that acts as a grenade, bouncing and then exploding after a period of about 3 seconds. The projectile has the ability to move buses and cars before exploding. This weapon is hard to use at first, but once you understand its operation, it becomes an extremely devastating weapon.

When fired into water, the projectile will continue normally, bouncing off any obstructions under the water. It will explode normally like other explosives.



  • Drone Cannon Ex-B. While the Ex-B does not have increased damage over the Drone Cannon, the projectiles fired from it explode on impact while still arcing, unlike the bouncy Drone Cannon shot.


This gun can be found on Guardian Drones along with Alien Power Modules to power them. The cannons can also be shot off the drones and picked up like other weapons.


The Drone Cannon appears in the Mothership Zeta add-on for Fallout 3.


  • This weapon is sometimes glitchy when fired in VATS, most likely because of the grenade-like effect of the projectile.
  • It is possible that this weapon was originally planned to have a Backpack, like most other Big Guns, since with this weapon and a Power Armor equipped, The armor's "Power Pack" disappears. This is most clearly visible with Tesla Armor. This is similar to the Scoped Gauss Rifle, which also eliminated the Power Pack.
  • This weapon actually does two types of damage. The first type of damage is the physical collision of the projectile with the target, much like with the the Rock-It Launcher. This type of damage however is not believed to be calculated by your pip boy. The second type is the explosion produced by the projectile.
  • Interestingly enough, The Drone Cannon the Drones actually use has a missile projectile rather then the player's lob projectile. It is also worth note that the Bot's cannons projectiles move 2x faster and explode on impact. The Unique Player version while not "exploding on impact" rather just doesn't have a timer so it appears to explode on impact
  • The Drone Cannon is not available after completion of Mothership Zeta, if you use the glitch to get two drone followers one may bcome stuck in the engine room and will respawn eventually if killed.


  • When taking the cannon from a drone, it has no icon (PipOS Error - 404 [File Not Found])./ This may be a subtle hint about how the Pip-Boy 3000 is unable to scan Alien technology. While in the Player's inventory. However, the Drone Cannon Ex-B does have a picture.
  • When examining a cannon dropped by a drone in the normal worldview (not by searching the drone's inventory), it will always show a value of 999 caps (app. half CND) regardless of the weapon's actual quality (PC, unconfirmed on PS3 and X360).
  • When dropped from the player's inventory, or carried and moved, the cannon will sometimes turn invisible on the ground. It still exists, and aiming at the spot where it was placed will still produce a prompt to pick up the weapon, but it can still be inconvenient to find afterwards (PC, unconfirmed on other platforms).


Mothership Zeta (add-on)
Weapons of Fallout 3

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