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Drok was a male Nikto Jedi Master present at the Hidden Temple when it was visited by Cade Skywalker in 137 ABY.



Following the death of Darth Krayt, Drok, alongside fellow Jedi Asaak Dan, Sayar Dun'La and Te Corso, was sent by Jedi Council to aid the Anti-Sith alliance of formed by the Galactic Alliance Remnant and the Empire-in-exile. Arriving at Alliance, the flagship of Alliance's leader Gar Stazi, the Jedi greeted him and began discussing the possibilities of joint operations.

However, they were interrupted by an attack of the Imperial First Coruscant Task Force as well as an assassination attempt on Admiral Stazi. After disabling the would-be assassin, Shipman Tealart, Drok, alongside Master Corso, boarder their X-83 TwinTail starfighters, joined the battle and helped hold the Imperial attackers off enough for the fleet to jump into hyperspace to their next rendezvous point.

Behind the scenes

Because of a surplus of characters in the story, Drok and the other three Jedi from the cover of Legacy 26 were not used in the actual comic itself. Originally, they were to accompany Cade Skywalker against the wishes of the Jedi Council in his hunt for Darth Krayt.[1]

In the cover art of Divided Loyalties, Drok wields a purple bladed lightsaber. But in the actual comic, he wields a yellow bladed lightsaber.


  • Star Wars Legacy 26: The Hidden Temple, Part 2 (First appearance) (Cover only)
  • Star Wars Legacy 42: Divided Loyalties
  • Star Wars Legacy 43: Monster, Part 1 (Indirect mention only)

Notes and references

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  • The Making of the Cover to Legacy #42 (First identified as Drok)

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