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Drevan was a notorious Cardassian criminal that lived in the 24th century. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Starting out

Drevan started out as a small-time businessman who operated a small freighter business out of the Cardassian system. When his business came into difficulty at the height of the Federation-Cardassian War, Drevan turned to the Orion Syndicate for help in keeping his business afloat in return for performing some illegal shipping operations for the Syndicate. In 2362, Drevan was ordered to lead a raid against the private Earth freighter King George, operated by the Mackenzie Transport Corporation, which was carrying a supply of industrial replicators to the Federation colony on Louvas Prime. The raid was successful, but Drevan was forced to kill the freighter's crew, which included Terrance and Janette Mackenzie. ("Clan Mackenzie")

The Orion Syndicate

By the mid-to-late 2360s, Drevan had repaid his debts to the Syndicate but had remained with them, earning quite an executive role in the Syndicate's operations in Cardassian space and the Federation-Cardassian border region. Amongst the many agents under Drevan's supervision was the famed smuggler and arms merchant, "Black Jack" O'Connor. Unfortunately, O'Connor was apprehended on Klaus VII in 2368 by Lieutenant Commander Christopher Mackenzie, first officer of the USS Madrid and son of Terrance and Janette. It was after interrogating O'Connor that Mackenzie learned of Drevan's involvement in his parents deaths. ("Clan Mackenzie")

With Mackenzie and the crew of the Madrid proving a continuing threat to Drevan and his operations, the Cardassian used his influence with the Syndicate to conscript some Breen privateers to mount a raid on the Federation colony on Julinor IV, in the knowledge that the Madrid would be nearby and so the first to respond to any distress call from the colony. Although, the Madrid would be able to easily overcome the privateers, Drevan managed to conscript a Yridian suicide bomber, Hojron. Drevan ordered Hojron to get aboard the Madrid posing as an injured colonist and sabotage the starship's computers and security systems, only then was he to detonate a trilithium device that would cause maximum loss of life and cripple or destroy the starship.

The plan succeeded, resulting in the destruction of the Madrid, and the loss of dozens of crew members and 1,000 people on Julinor IV. Unfortunately, Mackenzie survived the ship's destruction and was able to communicate his suspicions to Starfleet Command. With Starfleet on his trail, Drevan went to ground for several years. With Drevan drawing unwanted attention and investigations into the Syndicate's involvement in the Julinor disaster, the Syndicate's leader decided that he should be removed from the organization and assassinated. ("Clan Mackenzie")

The True Way

Ever resourceful, Drevan managed to become a key player in the True Way movement, and was thus able to look upon their support and protection in preventing any assassination attempts. Shortly after joining the True Way, Drevan began to petition the party leadership to increase their terrorist activities and destabilize the new civilian government following the near collapse of the Obsidian Order. The True Way eventually accepted his pleas and even agreed to take their fight outside of the Union in a number of small acts of sabotage and espionage, as well as planting a bomb aboard the Federation runabout, USS Orinoco. ("Clan Mackenzie", DS9: "Our Man Bashir")

Under Drevan's direction, the True Way even went as far as attempting to assassinate Bajor's first minister, Shakaar Edon, in late 2372. (DS9: "Crossfire")

Following Cardassia's entry into the Dominion and Skrain Dukat's rise to leader of the Union, the True Way and many other fringe political parties and terrorist groups were forced underground as the Vorta and their Jem'Hadar soldiers were quite quick in putting down any unrest. During the initial weeks, many of the True Way leadership were killed while protesting against the "occupation" by Dominion forces, leaving many of the faithful to place their support in Drevan who, whilst serving as the de facto leader for eighteen months, was elected the new head of the group. ("Hopes and Fears", "One True Way")


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