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Drekk Azalus
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137 BBY

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Light brown

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Rise of the Empire era


Bargon's intelligence network

"Kee hasa do blastoh, kung!"
—Drekk, during his career as a bodyguard.

Drekk Azalus was a former mercenary from Klatooine, working as a guard for Bargon the Hutt.


Drekk was born in 133 BBY on Klatooine, the fourth son of an enforcer working for the Hutts. When his father died in one of the many conflicts between the planet's kajidics, he ended up on the streets, working as a thug for the local crimelords.

In 107 BBY, he came into the employ of Bargon the Hutt. After several years, he became captain of Bargon's personal guard.

When Bargon left Klatooine in 98 BBY, Drekk followed him, eventually settling down in the Hutt's palace on Stoopa Ootmian. There, he reformed the guard into a small, well-trained militia.

Personality and traits

Despite his somewhat shady life as an enforcer and thug, Drekk had an strict sense for honor and loyalty. He believed that betraying his employer would be an unthinkable act.

Talents and abilities

The Klatooinian was skilled in both melee combat and marksmanship, preferring to use an Gungan electropole that he had received as a gift from one of his employers, which became his signature weapon.

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