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Name: Dredd

Nickname: The Monster

Real Name: Callum Raynor

Height: 7'2"

Weight: 385lbs

Age: 40

Alignment: Heel

Hometown: Manhattan, NY

Currently Residing In: Deep Ellum(Dallas), TX

Entrance Music: "Divine" by Korn

Entrance Moves: Lights dim, Divine starts playing over the PA, single spotlight focuses on the entrance, Dredd appears from backstage. Pyro goes over in a row from the top of the ramp to the ring. Lights slowly raise as Dredd walks to the ring. Ignoring the crowd -- most of the time.

Fighting Style: Powerhouse/Brawler

Regular Moves: an array of punches, kicks, clotheslines and other generic impact moves. Also, a variety of throws related to martial arts. Nothing pretty about his style its about getting the job done.

Signature Moves: Corner whip/Avalanche combo - designed to set up his finisher. Second-Rope Legdrop. Elevated Full Nelson into an overhead toss. "Broken Sphere" - Nowada Bomb(chokeslam/sitdown powerbomb combination). Dragon Sleeper. Double Stomp - normally performed from an elevated position

Taunts: "Get up", but doesn't usually waste time taunting. He just lays the boots in.

Primary Finisher: Concrete Piledriver - piledriver from the top rope. Receiver is sat on the top turnbuckle, and Dredd stands on the second rope with his back to the ring. He sets them up in the piledriver position and falls backwards.

Title History

NYSWF Heavyweight Title (x2)

NYSWF Northern Atlantic Title

NYSWF Tag Team Titles(x2)

NYSWF Hardcore Title

NYSWF Television Title

NWW Hardcore Title(x2)

NEW International Title(x2)

GCW World Heavyweight Title

GIW.Com Title

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Dredd is a planet in the Generation One continuity family.

Dredd is a rather unpleasant planet which possesses both hordes of slavers and the monstrous Chaos. As such, it is also the only planet on which death crystals can be mined.

It probably doesn't get much tourism.


Generation One cartoon

While Optimus Prime and Megatron's crews were taking their stasis lock nap on the Ark, Kup found himself on Dredd, being chased by an Ick-Yak. During his misadventure, he was captured by the Orbs to mine death crystals for them. Managing to get away from his work detail, Kup fled into the tunnels, finding a group of imprisoned robot slaves. As he tried to rescue them, the monstrous Chaos appeared. Kup was so frightened he fled, leaving the other robots imprisoned. He was so ashamed he never told anyone about the incident.

One hundred thousand years later, after the Autobots reclaimed Cybertron from the Decepticons, the death crystals were discovered by the Decepticons. Galvatron took Astrotrain and the Predacons to build a massive cannon to shoot death crystals at Cybertron, which would destroy the planet. Kup led a group of Autobots to stop them, in the process destroying Chaos and causing his volcano lair to erupt in an explosion that could be seen from orbit. Chaos


  • Dredd must be very close to Cybertron, as Galvatron could see Cybertron through a telescope on Dredd.
  • Thus far, the planet Dredd has never claimed to be the law.
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