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A timeline for the events of Dreamwave Productions' Generation One continuity.

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Ancient era


ONE golden disc, ah ah ah!

The Route of All Evil

War on Cybertron

The War Within issue 1


Early war

TWO golden discs, ah ah ah!
  • Megatron attempts to have Cybertron re-imagined as a planet-sized vehicle. Starscream botches this.
  • Optronix is appointed the new Prime, becoming Optimus Prime.
  • Optimus starts a soon-abandoned plan to leave Cybertron to the Decepticons.
  • Optimus lobotomizes Megatron.
  • Optimus tosses away the council's Golden Disk.

The War Within

Pre-Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

The War Within: The Dark Ages

Pre-Age of Wrath

  • Megatron makes a deal with the Quintessons, having forgotten that their infiltration of the Council of Ancients started this war, probably as a result of the lobotomy Prime gave him.
  • Ultra Magnus rises to power, takes charge, and unites most of Cybertron.

The Age of Wrath

  • Starscream attacks a peace ceremony, but Megatron returns.
  • Megatron enslaves the captured Autobots.
  • This may be when Megatron punishes Starscream for killing the Council. Generation One issue 4
  • Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron, the Aerospace Extermination Squadron is destroyed, and the enslaved Autobots are freed. We're not entirely sure how.
  • A number of Autobots and Decepticons leave Cybertron on their ships the Ark and the Nemesis.
  • The Dynobots chase the Insecticons to Earth. It's assumed the Insecticons are killed, but they start operating underground. Extermination

Pre-Micromasters era

THREE golden discs, ah ah ah!
  • Operation: Containment: Jetfire, Countdown, Groundshaker, and Omega Supreme leave Cybertron.
  • Operation: Containment splits into two separate groups.
  • Skystalker invades planet Paradron, killing most of its inhabitants.
  • Countdown chases Skystalker to Paradron's core and steals their Golden Disk.
  • Skystalker drains all energy from the world Kyron to send a signal to Shockwave.
  • Autobots and Decepticons collaborate to develop Micromasters in the Little Iacon establishment as a means to add more troops to each side.
  • The project is terminated early; both factions take whatever troops they can.


Micromasters era

  • Countdown and Skystalker return to Cybertron.
  • Countdown and Big Daddy recruit Micromasters from both sides to stop Skystalker's plans to kill all the guzzlers.
  • Tired of war, Fortress Maximus quits the Autobots.
  • Big Daddy decides to find the truth for himself.


Pre-Great Shutdown

  • Omega Supreme is pushed from being a creature of impulse into a creature of pure technical computation. Original Sin
  • If the Beast Wars happened, they would be happening sometime around now.

Great Shutdown

  • All Transformers deactivate as Cybertron undergoes a new stage in its planetary evolution.
  • An army of Sweeps are released, but all except one go into hibernation.
  • Scourge awakens Shockwave.
  • Scourge saves Shockwave from the Sharkticons.
  • Shockwave turns on Scourge Generation One issue 0; eventually Scourge's presence leads Shockwave to Alpha Trion. Cold War
  • Shockwave installs a High Council of Autobots to help reconstruct Cybertron.
  • Hot Rod's rebel group reawakens Autobot senses and brings awareness of the manner in which Shockwave is oppressing the populace.
  • Scourge makes his way to Earth and attacks Jetfire's ship.
  • Jetfire imprisons Scourge in an Autobot escape pod.
  • Jetfire and the pod are trapped in an avalanche.

Original Sin

Twentieth Century


  • 1984 — The Transformers on Earth reawaken and restart the Great War. The Autobots befriend the Witwicky family. Mechanic and family patriarch Sparkplug thinks this might be a bad sign.
  • Nathaniel Faireborn becomes involved. Infestation
  • Faireborn starts the EDC. Starts and stops Project: Centurion. The Route of All Evil
  • The Decepticons recover/capture Jetfire and hold the scientist aboard the Nemesis. Skyfire (comic issue)
  • Megatron captures the Dinobots and their ship and holds them in a cave. Only Megatron and Grimlock are aware of this. Brothers' Burden
  • Spike Witwicky marries Carly, and they have a child named Daniel. Some people also think this might be a bad sign.
  • May 4th, 1998 — Operation: Liberation: Autobot and human military action is taken against the Decepticons, with their defeat attributed to Rudy "Red" Kingley.
  • General Hallo and Adam Rook attempt to engineer their own Transformers. Failing that, they plan to control the existing ones.
  • July 24 1999 — Ark II explodes as a means to cover the Autobots and Decepticons being held in secrecy by the American government. And incidentally, Shockwave wanted to keep the Autobots and Decepticons on Earth until the time was right. Revelation (comic issue)
  • Adam Rook takes the name "Lazarus" and goes private with the operation, General Hallo takes the break-up really, really hard.

Prime Directive

Modern era

  • 2002 — Optimus Prime is recovered, and General Hallo summons Spike Witwicky to reactivate him.
  • Megatron escapes Lazarus' control, and turns him into a statue.
  • The Autobots and Decepticons ruin San Francisco for the millionth time. Superion and Devastator are destroyed.

Prime Directive

  • Scourge's pod reactivates, killing some sea-life.

War and Peace

  • Shockwave has all Decepticons and most of the Autobots on Earth brought back to Cybertron.
  • Scourge is captured by the humans.
  • Starscream blasts Megatron into space.
  • Grimlock recovers the Dinobots and returns to Cybertron.
  • Shockwave uploads contents of Vector Sigma to his own laboratories.
  • A signal is sent to Unicron.
  • Shockwave falls down a hole and thus his oppressive regime is overthrown.
  • Starscream and friends returns to Earth.

War and Peace

Generation One (ongoing)


  • Starscream's party overcomes the fact that their transport is alive and manages to make it to Earth, where they scans new alt modes for the Combaticons.
  • Bumblebee and a crew head to Earth on the Orion.
  • An attack on the Ark leaves most of Starscream's Decepticons captured.
  • Bruticus defeats most of the Autobots.
  • The Ark is detonated in an attempt to stop Bruticus (which doesn't work).
  • Sunstorm is activated and arrives on Earth. Night of the Combaticons
  • Sunstorm takes Starscream to some weird goo thing on Earth. Original Sin
  • Starscream causes Sunstorm to detonate crazy, Jetfire prevents the explosion from destroying Earth. Bumblebee deserts the Autobots.
  • Megatron "kills" Wreck-Gar. Runnin' with the Devil
  • Megatron recruits the Predacons and gives them the ability to combine into Predaking. Welcome to the Jungle
  • Megatron steals Shockwave's tiny army from Cybertron and heads to Earth.
  • Prowl also heads to Earth with his own team.

Lost and Found

  • Project Centurion is reinitialized.
  • Megatron reveals to his inner circle how the Great War started.


This was deemed inadmissible in bankruptcy court.
  • Dreamwave goes out of business in a large explosion. Pat Lee and friends walk away smoking possibly with money.

The future

FOUR goddamn discs, ah ah ah!

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