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Dreamscape, also known as Cyan's Dream or Cyan's Soul, is a rather unique dungeon in Final Fantasy VI. When the party returns to Doma Castle with Cyan Garamonde in the party in the World of Ruin, and rests there, the "Dream Stooges": Laragorn, Curlax and Moebius enter Cyan's Soul. The party follows. What follows is a strange combination of old and new dungeons and a series of flashbacks of Cyan's life among the journey.

After finding the scattered members of the party in Cyan's bizarre dream world and defeating the Stooges, the party enters deeper portions of Cyan's Soul. Traversing through a Phantom Train-like area and a series of mines, the party arrives at a mirror image of Doma Castle, where Elaine and Owain Garamonde, Cyan's dead wife and child, urge the party to find and defeat Wrexsoul, who is feeding on Cyan's rage and despair. After dispatching Wrexsoul, Cyan is restored and achieves his peak level of skill with his Bushido training.

If Terra is in your party during this segment of the game, she can use the same expanded Magitek abilities that she could use in the game's opening. Gogo can only use the Magitek commands if "Fight" is assigned to him/her.



Monster Formations



Dreamscape - Phantom Train

Dreamscape - Mines

Wrexsoul with Cyan in the throne room.

Dreamscape - Doma Castle

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