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Series: The Original Series, No. 34
Author(s): Carmen Carter
Publication information
Published: Paperback - June 1987
Pages: 255
ISBN: ISBN 0671645005
Date: 2268
Stardate: 5302.1

A mysterious alien attack cripples both the Enterprise and Dr. McCoy!



From the back cover
A merchant ship's frantic S.O.S. sends the Enterprise speeding to the rescue! But the starship's mission of mercy soon becomes a desperate struggle of survival against a nightmarish enemy Captain Kirk can neither identify nor understand, an enemy he must defeat without the aid of one of his most trusted officers.
For the Leonard McCoy Kirk knew is gone. In his place stands a stranger - a man with no memory of his Starfleet career, his family, his friends or the one thing James T. Kirk needs most of all...
His dreams.




James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluPavel ChekovNyota Uhura • Kyron gentai-Hann • Kath • Kraft • Diana DysonEduardo Cortejo Alvarez • Friel • Timmo
Referenced only 
Klingon emperorPeter Kirk • T'rall

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • IKF Falchion (D32-class) • • USS Farragut (Constitution-class) • Saucy LadyUSS Lexington (Constitution-class) • VerellaSelessanStellar Storm • Tennet Five• Vegan Trade Ship


Brellian IV • Belenii • Klinzhai • Tyrelli • Wagner Trading Post • planet Vulcan

Species and cultures

Andorian • Crysallid • Frenni • KlingonHumanOrionRavenTellarite • Tyrellian • Vulcan

States and organizations

House of Kotzher • Klingon Empire • Klingon Military Council • Tyrellian Fourth Dynasty • Tyrellian Fifth Dynasty • United Federation of Planets


Altair waterasteroidcreditcomet • demma • Red Nova • Riskelian mescal • steigel • Orion languagewhite dwarfyellow star


IKF Falchion begins its patrol of the area in and around the Belenii star system.
2268 (stardate 5302.1) 
Falchion is contacted by the Ravens, USS Enterprise leaves Wagner Outpost to respond to the merchant distress call.



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Previous Adventure:
And the Children Shall Lead
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Spock's Brain

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