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Dreamland can mean:

Transferring the TARDIS base code numerals, Master.
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This article is about the location players visit during Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor. For place Arrav visits in his dream, see Land of Dreams.
In the land of dreams, with the Ethereal Lady.

The Dream World is the realm that players are required to go to in the quests: Lunar Diplomacy, Dream Mentor and Blood Runs Deep. The only known means of access is through burning Soaked kindling or using a Potion of Shared Dreaming on the Ceremonial Brazier located on Lunar Isle. The Dream World has no significant history around it, and as such is rarely discussed.

One popular hypotheses about the existence of the dream realm is that it doesn't actually exist at all, but is really a hallucination experienced as a result of inhaling the fumes released from burning soaked kindling. This theory is backed up by renowned scholar and librarian of the Library of Varrock Reldo, who discussed what he thought about Dream worlds and other similar planes of existence in Postbag from the Hedge 42. He stated that:

I have heard of many other realms attached to our own but invisible to the uninitiated - lands of fairies, mists, shadows and even a dreamscape where your personal inadequacies are confronted - and I have little doubt that at least some of these are real. I imagine that the majority, however, are allegorical terms to explain some universal human concern, mythologised over the ages to help us understand them in terms we can appreciate.
— Reldo, Varrock Librarian [1]





The following monsters are encountered in the Dream World



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This article uses material from the "Dream World" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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