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The Dream Dimension; Land of Dreams; Land of Nightmare

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(Major Arcana) 11,066; (Minor Arcana) incalculable


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For as long as creatures across the multiverse possessed the ability to dream, the reality known as the Dreaming has always existed. By extension, the Dreaming will continue to exist for as long as life exists in the cosmos. The master of the Dreaming, is a godlike entity of the Endless known as Morpheus.

Points of Interest

Dream Dome
The Dream Dome was a technologically advanced workshop operated by Hector Hall during his brief career as the Sandman. From here, he worked with two minor dream beings known as Brute and Glob and protected innocents such as Jed Paulson from the effects of intruding nightmares.
Ghost Castle
Main article: Ghost Castle
Though it is known by many names, the so-called "Ghost Castle" occupies a place both in the Dreaming and in the real world. In the dreaming, it is a magnificent palace and the home of the Dream King Morpheus. The caretaker of the castle is the librarian known as Lucien.
The Threshold is the fortress tower of Desire of the Endless. Cast in the mold of his/her own image, the citadel is a veritable portrait of Desire, built from the "fancy of desire out of blood, and flesh, and bone, and skin. The inside of the effigy is a series of never-ending chambers and veins so immense in scope that it is said that one could walk them until they grow old without ever once retracing their steps. Desire's private domain is located within the literal heart of the cathedral. Inside is a gallery featuring replicas of the symbols of the Endless. Using these symbols, Desire can contact any of his/her siblings at any point of choosing. Whether Desire's siblings choose to respond however, is entirely up to them.



  • The existence of this location is known to the general populace of Earth, though few recognize it as an interdimensional reality.

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