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Official quest description: RuneScape is not the safest place to live - dragons, trolls, demons... dangerous and despicable monsters of all sorts roam free. In this quest, you must help a fellow adventurer that doesn't do so well against these threats. With perseverance and the magical help of the Moon Clan, there should be no monster that can't be beaten. But is that really true? How about the monsters in your dreams? How about your own inescapable fears? How would you defeat them? Well, you'll soon find out as a tough and often bizarre quest awaits those of a strong will!
Release date: 15 May 2007 (Update)
Start: Talk to the fallen man in the small cave in the Lunar Isle rune essence mine.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium - Long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:



Helping the Fallen Man

Note: When you arrive, you may want to change your Spellbook to the Lunar Spells because you will save time by using the NPC Contact and the Lunar Home Teleport spells during the quest.
  • With your 20 pieces of food, head north-east on the isle to find the Lunar Isle Mine. (It's marked with a dungeon symbol on the minimap.)
Watch out for the melee and mage attacks of the Suqahs.
  • Enter the mine through the small shed (take the ladder down).
  • Go south, turn east, and look for a small cave entrance by the ice chunks and opposite the large Rune Stone essence. (It's marked with a Quest Start icon on the minimap.)
  • Crawl through the cave entrance, and you see the Fallen Man.
  • Talk to him.
You receive a message, asking if you want to help him.
  • Click Yes, and you see a short cutscene that shows the man's condition.
The cutscene also shows you the man's status.
Cyrisus's Health, Spirit, and Armament stats. He is not doing well.
  • After the cutscene, to see information about his status, select the Inspect Fallen Man option and click a stat's name.
  • Feed four pieces of food to the Fallen Man, rotating among the three kinds you brought, because he gets bored with the same food. Be careful not to eat the food yourself.
After four pieces, his Health status starts to revive and he opens his eyes.
  • Speak with him.
Raise his Spirit status by saying encouraging words to him: It is a little hit and miss, but just try to choose the most positive things. There are no dire consequences if you get it wrong.
  • After you raise his Spirit status up some, feed him four more pieces of food.
He revives a bit more and speaks with you. He says his name is Cyrisus and tells you how he got in the cave.
  • Speak with him to cheer him up, feed him six more pieces of food, and speak with him some more.
After you raise his Health and Spirit stats enough, he stands up and tell you a bit about himself. He then asks you to go to the bank and bring him his armour.
  • Return to the Lunar Isle town, and talk to 'Bird's-Eye' Jack in the bank. (He is on the far right and the only one of the bankers not floating.) Select the "Cyrisus in the mine" option.
  • After a heated conversation—rehashing the first time you and the pirate-banker met—ask if you can get some items out of Cyrisus's bank account.
'Bird's-Eye' Jack gives you a chest to carry the armour.
  • Select a helmet, top, legs, boots, and weapon.
    The contents of Cyrisus's bank.
It is mostly guesswork, and you need to check with Cyrisus to see whether you got it right.
The easiest way to check is by using the Lunar Spells NPC Contact to ask Cyrisus whether you chose right.
  • Tell Cyrisus what you picked out.
He tells you what he likes and doesn't like.
  • Talk with 'Bird's-Eye' Jack again and swap the items Cyrisus didn't like for other pieces of armour.
  • Keep swapping and checking in with Cyrisus till you have the right armour.
Note: Cyrisus's armour selection is usually based on your highest level of combat (that is, melee, ranged, or magic). Here are some common combinations:
Melee: Dragon med helm, Ahrims robe top and robe skirt, Ranger boots and an Abyssal whip.
Ranged: Robin Hood Hat, Karil's leathertop, Black d'hide chaps, Ranger or Adamant boots, and a Magic shortbow.
Magic: Splitbark helm, Ahrims robe top and robe skirt, Infinity boots, and an Ancient staff.
  • When he approves of your armour choices, return to him in the cave.
  • Talk with him, and he takes the armour you picked out for him.
You see a short cutscene, where Cyrisus modestly puts on his kit. His Armament status is now at 100 percent.
  • If Cyrisus's Health and Spirit stats are still down, talk encouragingly with him and feed him the last six pieces of food to also get those to 100 percent.
You see another cutscene, where Cyrisus says he is feeling healthy and "dressed like a war machine!" He also confesses he is afraid of combat. He's come to the Moon Clan to see if they can help him visit his dreams again and conquer his fears.

Making the Potion of Shared Dreaming

  • Head south to the lower tip of Lunar Isle to find the Oneiromancer. She is near the Astral Altar. Watch out for Suqahs.
  • Talk to the Oneiromancer, select the "Cyrisus" option, and Cyrisus shortly teleports near you.
The Oneiromancer says with the Potion of Shared Dreaming, Cyrisus and you can travel to Dreamland and sort out his biggest issue.
The Oneiromancer gives you an empty Dream vial. Cyrisus says he will meet you at the brazier and teleports away.
To make the potion, fill the Dream vial with water, a ground Astral rune, and a Goutweed.
  • If the thought of Mountain trolls gives you the heebie-jeebies, choose the expensive and easy method and buy a Gout tuber to grow a Goutweed.
  • If you hate spending money, choose the free and frustrating method and steal a Goutweed.
Check out this useful guide or this helpful guide for instructions on stealing Goutweed.
  • Fill the Dream vial (empty) with water. (You can find several water sources west and south-west of the bank.)
It is now called Dream vial (water).
  • Use the Goutweed on the vial.
It is now called Dream vial (herb).
  • Add the ground rune to the potion to get a Dream potion.

The Battles in Dreamland

A Doubt.
  • Bank and prepare for a fight—or four fights, to be exact. You can't bank between fights. If you leave the Dreamworld, you start over at the beginning.

Get ready

Bring a tinderbox to light the Ceremonial Brazier and the Dream potion.

Good armour and a weapon, of course, are essential. Don't bring anything, however, you can't afford to lose if you die. A ring of life will not activate during the fights even if you drop below 10 percent health.

High-healing food such as sharks, Tuna potatoes, or Rocktails are recommended.

You cannot use Prayer or bring familiars in with you for the fights.

If you sip from a Super set (or a Ranging potion or a Magic potion, if that is how you will fight) before entering Dreamland, your stats are retained.

Tip: After you light the brazier, bank the tinderbox, Seal of passage, your combat potions (after drinking from them, of course), and any other items you don't need for the battles. This way, you open up inventory space for more food. You may also use the Dragon Battleaxe special to boost your strength and then switch your weapon back and bank the Dragon Battleaxe before proceeding.

Note: You can no longer bank with 'Bird's-Eye' Jack without a seal. The banks in Neitiznot and Jatizso are close when you want to retrieve your Seal of passage.

Using the safe spot on the west side of the lectern to fight The Everlasting.

You will find a Safe spot to the side of the lectern for the second and third monsters, if you intend to fight using range or mage.

Iban Blast is effective against all the monsters, more so on the last three than the first.

You can escape Dreamland during the battle by using the lectern at the northern end of the room. You can't teleport out, so this is your only possible route out alive if a battle goes south. If you escape, there is no need to make another potion, just talk to Cyrisus after relighting the brazier.

Do not wait until you are almost dead to run to lectern. If you choose to run, do so when you have at least 30 hitpoints remaining when on the first monster. Its attack may still kill you outside.

You may choose to battle the monsters right by the lectern, saving precious time running to the lectern if you're dying.

Verac's Barrows armour is effective against the The Inadequacy for players who level are 80+ for Attack, Strength, and Defence.

During the fight, a bar will appear at the top of the screen, showing Cyrisus' courage. It fills up as you damage the monsters. As it rises, Cyrisus will occasionally cast Vengeance Other on you, and when the bar is full, Cyrisus will deal some damage to the monsters.

Enter Cyrisus's dream

Cyrisus is waiting for you there.
  • Light the brazier, talk to Cyrisus, and proceed into his dream.
You enter his Dreamland.
You see a short cutscene, where while you gape at the huge creature that symbolises Cyrisus's fear, he admires the lectern.
  • Click the name of the monster when it appears on-screen, and attack the monster.

The monsters

Here are overviews of the monsters with some tips for fighting each one. Check each monster's page for more information on them.

Facing Cyrisus's Inadequacy.
The Inadequacy (level 343 and 180 hitpoints)

The first monster, a level 343 named The Inadequacy, summons many little creatures called A Doubt (level 78) during the battle to also attack you.

This is unquestionably the hardest battle, and if you can make it through this one, the rest should be comparably easy.

Notes for fighting The Inadequacy
  • Set auto-retaliate to off.
  • Don't try to kill the Doubts. Focus on The Inadequacy.
  • The Inadequacy is immune to poison, so the poison of a poisoned Dragon dagger is not effective.
  • Using a multitarget Blood spell is effective, as it reduces the need for food and may take advantage of the summoned Doubts if they are within range.
  • Cyrisus will vengeance you. Thus, as you are damaged by The Inadequacy, you will also hit against it under the effect of this spell.
The Everlasting (level 223 and 230 hitpoints)

The second monster is a level 223 called The Everlasting. This one should be relatively easier than The Inadequacy, but you should still take extreme caution.

If you have brought along mage or range equipment, now is the time to use it.

There is a safe spot to the side of the lectern that will keep you from being hit.

This monster does not hit hard against players with higher defence levels (80 and above).

Can you bring yourself to hurt another?
The Untouchable (level 274 and 90 hitpoints)

The third monster, The Untouchable, is easier, still—at level 274—and certainly should be easier than the first form. However, it can still do high damage (its maximum hit is 28), so take caution.

It has high defence, which makes up for its relatively low hit points.

You can also safe-spot this monster by using the same place as you did for The Everlasting.

Another efficient way to kill it (if you ran out of food, for example), is to use the hit-and-run tactic. Run a few squares away from it, stike, and run away again. Doing this wil allow you to kill the monster without losing many hitpoints.

Note for fighting The Untouchable:*Sometimes, if you used the safe spot for The Everlasting, The Untouchable will spawn on the same spot as the just-defeated Everlasting and be able to attack and trap you (as you cannot pass through these monsters). If you are relying on the safe spot, leave the area straight away if this occurs.
What if you don't know how to win?
The Illusive (level 108 and 140 hitpoints)

The fourth monster, The Illusive, pops up and then digs underground regularly during this battle, similar to when you fight the Giant Mole, except that The Illusive does not burrow so far away and rarely hits back.

Be patient, as you can only hit once or twice before it digs underground again.

Run after it, and hit it. Returning to the middle of the platform makes it easier to spot its new location. You can also see it pop up on as a yellow dot the Minimap.

The monster is more annoying than threatening.

Near the end of the fight, now brimming with bravery, Cyrisus stamps on The Illusive to finish it off.

Finishing Up

Cyrisus transfers some knowledge to the player.
  • Back in reality, head down to the Oneiromancer.
Note: If you banked your Seal of passage before the fight, retrieve it before talking to the Oneiromancer. A close bank is in Neitiznot.
Cyrisus is waiting for you with Oneiromancer to celebrate your hard-fought battles.
  • Talk with the Oneiromancer.
Cyrisus says he has conquered his fear of combat and passes some of his knowledge onto you to reward you for your help.

Congratulations. Quest complete!


Dream Mentor Reward


Music tracks unlocked:


A player casting the Stat Spy Lunar Spell rewarded from the Dream Mentor quest.
  • The quest battle shows a strong resemblance to the film Dreamcatcher.
  • On the day of release, if you clicked to see the rewards of the quest it said: Spoilers? On the day of release? Tell him he's dreaming! which may be an allusion to the Australian movie The Castle. It could also be referring to the bed company DreamLand, whose slogan is "Tell 'em they're dreaming!'"
  • Surprisingly, Cyrisus seems to be rich, having the armour set of the many high-levelled players in RuneScape.
  • While Cyrisus is afraid of combat and shies away from it, he is level 138 (126 before Summoning was released, and level 197 during the fight against Lucien in While Guthix Sleeps), indicating maximum combat stats with 99. His high level was explained in Postbag from the Hedge, in which Cyrisus admitted he got achieved his levels by doing nothing but killing 300 chickens a day for 30 years, which would amount to around 3,294,000 chickens. In fact, if you tried this yourself, you would gain a considerable amount of experience, and the amount of chickens adds up to the experience needed to be level 125. This doesn't include Summoning because training Summoning relies on making pouches, and not killing monsters.
  • When you use purple sweets on Cyrisus, he says "Sweets? You do know they rot your teeth?"
  • When you use a nightshade on Cyrisus, you get the message: "How evil! Are you trying to kill him?"
  • When you use a Jug of wine on Cyrisus, you get the message: "You can only use edible food on him."
  • When you use an apple or Meat pie on Cyrisus, he will eat both servings at once.
  • Both of the Lunar quests have had their official difficulty level increased shortly after release. Lunar Diplomacy was released as an Intermediate Quest and was changed to an Experienced Quest. Dream Mentor was released as an Experienced Quest and was changed to a Master Quest.
  • After the 2009 weapons graphic update, at the point of the quest when Cyrisus arms himself, if his choice of weapon is the Abyssal whip, the whip does not flex back and forth as when it's wielded by a player.

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