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The Dreadnought.
The Dreadnought on the World Map.
Inside the Dreadnought.

The Dreadnought (大戦艦 Daisenkan) is a Palamecian airship from Final Fantasy II. A giant warship, it is the ultimate airship, having the ability to crush entire towns from the air.



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The Dreadnought was built by the enslaved people of Bafsk, under the supervision of the Dark Knight. Production was later taken over by Borghen, when the Dark Knight was supposedly called away.

Firion and the party arrived in Bafsk and tried to destroy the Dreadnought before it was completed. However, they were too late, and the airship took off before the heroes could do anything. While the party figured out what course to take, the Dreadnought laid waste to Poft, Altair, Gatrea, and Paloom.

After the party obtained the Sunfire from Kashuan on the advice of Cid in the hopes of destroying the Dreadnought with it, the Dreadnought captured Cid's airship, and Princess Hilda with it. The Dreadnought then landed in a remote area near Palamecia to refuel, and the party sneaked onboard. There, they rescued Cid and Princess Hilda, who was really an impostor. After making their way to the warship's core, the party plants the Sunfire in the Dreadnought's engine and escape as it explodes in a torrent of flames.


Item Location
600 gil First Floor
Sleep Blade Second Floor
Thief Gloves Second Floor
Potion Second Floor
Hi-Potion Second Floor
Dark Bow Second Floor
Ice Shield Fourth Floor
Trident Fourth Floor
Main Gauche Fourth Floor
Giant's Helm Fourth Floor


Dreadnought's battle background.


The Background Music that plays inside the Dreadnought is the "Imperial Army Theme".



Dreadnoughts are a type of battleship that were popular in the first half of the 20th century before the advent of the aircraft carrier made them obsolete. They were gigantic heavily armored ships noted for an "all-big-gun" design that allowed for great firing range while being well protected. The term "Dreadnought" comes from the first major ship of this design, the 1906 HMS Dreadnought. The word "Dreadnought" means "fear nothing".


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