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The Dreadnaught analog, sometimes known simply as a Dreadnaught, was a type of Yuuzhan Vong capital ship.

This term belongs to the pattern of warship designations devised by the opponents of the Yuuzhan Vong, and it is possible that it was an alternative name for an already well-known type, such as the Vua'spar interdictor, the 1.2km Matalok or the 1.6km Miid ro'ik, or possibly a generic term for several such classes.

However, the one Dreadnaught analog of which a detailed description is available may represent another, otherwise unknown class: it was around a kilometer long, roughly cone-shaped, and its yorik coral hull was moon-white.

One thing that is certain is that the Dreadnaught analog type was distinct from both the frigate analog and the destroyer analog. It is possible that Dreadnaughts were the most powerful warships of the three types, as they seem to have been harder to kill in combat, but there is also slight evidence that destroyer analogs could be the larger vessels in overall size and tonnage.

Whatever the exact meaning of the term, Dreadnaught analogs were capable of inflicting serious damage on a Star Destroyer like the Mon Mothma, and were clearly considered front-line capitals ships by the invaders. As such, ships of this type fought in at Third Battle of Duro and the Battle of Bilbringi.


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