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A map of the Draynor Sewers.
The entrance to Draynor Sewers.

The Draynor Sewers, found beneath Draynor Village, is a dungeon mainly populated by undead monsters. It has two entrances: one entrance is west of the village and the other is just west of the jail. The sewers aren't a commonly ventured place, since they only contain low level enemies. Many medium-high levelled players use the sewers to train, as the monsters here rarely hit.

The trapdoors to the Draynor Sewers appeared shortly before they actually became accessible, prompting speculation from players as to their purpose.

Notable Features

Deep within the Draynor Sewers.
The anvil in the Draynor Sewers.
  • This area is an important part of the Desert Treasure quest.
  • The anvil can be used for Smithing, but it is rarely used due to the distance from the nearest bank.
  • The anvil is also used in the Lumbridge/Draynor Achievement Diary medium task: Smithing a Steel longsword in the jailhouse sewers.
  • One of the easy tasks in the Lumbridge/Draynor Achievement Diary is to kill a Zombie in the sewers.

Getting There

The dungeon is located underneath a trapdoor north of the Draynor market, and through an entrance west of the jailhouse.


The dungeon is very simple in layout: From the village entrance, it goes directly east with a small room connected, then it turns directly South and continues until it reaches the second entrance. Throughout the entire complex are sewer pipes along the walls.

The room to the North is where Ruantun lives, except it is unpopulated on F2P worlds. It has a derelict, fallen-down house in the centre. The house contains a straw bed, a chair, and a burning fire.


Ruantun, a character involved in the Desert Treasure quest.


Music unlocked in the Draynor Sewers:

  • Down Below
  • Dangerous Road
  • Tiptoe
  • Cellar Song

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