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The suspect destroys the bank's wall.
The Draynor Bank Robbery was a bank break-in, with criminal damage, several murders, and robbery which happened in Draynor Village. The only suspect is the Wise Old Man; however, there are some theories that Cool Mom227 was aiding him, although this has not been confirmed and seems unlikely.
Cool Mom227

The main source of evidence is the security recording inside of the bank. Players can watch this recording by talking to the bank guard standing by the broken wall. The recording can be viewed again by paying the guard 50 coins.

Cool Mom227 is believed by some to have been involved in the robbery, as she apparently lured the market guard patrolling the market away from him. However, given the Wise Old Man's immense magical proficiency, it is likely that this was merely a coincidence, as he is shown to dispatch far stronger enemies with no difficulty and would most likely have killed the market guard rather than had him distracted if he regarded him a serious threat.

Olivia, who witnessed the player's murder, was quickly teleported to Falador before she could do anything using an unknown powerful spell (which looked similar to Saradomin Strike, being lightning, and sounded like Earth Wave). However, she did not see that the culprit was the Wise Old Man, due to an open door being between them.

The man destroyed a section of the bank's wall, killing the two bankers who attacked him.

The suspect then killed witness Elfinlocks, 1337sp34kr, and Qutiedoll before casting Telekinetic Grab on Elfinlocks' party hat. He killed the Pillory Guard who attacked him with ease (First, it was the level 80 spell Charge, then a Saradomin Strike which hit 40 damage, and a special kick), then finally forced the last surviving banker to give him all of the money.

He spotted the security tape, and broke it so no more could be viewed.


NPCs Involved

Personal Response and Reaction

Dear Marioman318,

I gather from your letter that you have been quite assiduous in your studies of my little house and my recent activities. Well, my dear chap, I shall start by thanking you for your interest and enthusiasm! It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to see that the world has not forgotten me since I retired from my adventurous life.

In the course of my little escapade in the bank, your friend Elfinlocks was unfortunate enough to get in my way and I was forced to incapacitate her. Now you have written me a letter demanding that I right her wrongs. Perhaps it has not occurred to you that, even if I were to accede to your curt request, it would not benefit you in the slightest!

Allow me to elaborate. In the distant past, when I travelled the world solving people's problems and saving those in distress just as you do today, I held the hope that my efforts would be appreciated and met with appropriate gratitude. But what did I get? When I grew old and the time came for me to retire, I found myself forced into this poxy shack in Draynor Village, neighboured by a pigment-obsessed hag and a 'navigator' whose prowess at knitting exceeds his ability to steer a boat. Not to mention the constant flow of unashamed thieves through the village market! (The hideous harpy who sits gawking through my window will gladly show you a picture of the house as it was when I first came here.) My meek and placid nature notwithstanding, I realised that if I did not take my reward for myself, I would receive nothing at all. So I took up my trusty staff and headed for the bank. I am sure you would be likewise frustrated beyond belief if you were to dedicate a lifetime's effort to the service of others and receive no reward.

Now, let me return to your other questions. I chose the Draynor Village bank because it is convenient and local. Rural branches of banks are useful, and we should make full use of them. Otherwise there may come a day when the Bank of RuneScape closes its outlying branches and the Council has them transformed into trendy wine-bars.

I am indeed mystified by the matter of that creature under my bed. Many times I have persuaded willing folk to rid me of the nuisance, but always it returns. I suspect it to be a subterranean creature forced out of its natural habitat by those ridiculously attired xenophobes who call themselves HAM. On account of its incessant snoring at night, it is not welcome to seek asylum under my bed, and I shall continue to send people to deal with it until it ceases to trouble me.

Finally we come to the question of the Wizards' Tower. As you may have noticed, I have been training my telescope on it for quite some time now. I have not yet finalised my plans, but I do find myself terribly short of runes these days, and I feel that a short excursion to the Tower might solve my problem permanently. But I doubt I will make any move for a considerable time; the powers of Wizard Traiborn are not to be underestimated.

I thank you again for your letter.

Strength through wisdom,

Further crimes

There is evidence towards further potential robberies, most likely the Wizards' Tower. The Old Man's telescope points there, and in his strange book, it is written he is low on runes and the wizards have more. His shelves are full of tinderboxes, so it is possible that he plans to burn the tower down, like it had been burned down before, and steal the wizards' runes. There are also three log respawns on the ground floor of the tower, further pointing towards the fact that the Wise Old Man intends to burn down the Wizards' Tower; Dinoysus has outright denied this to players who note this angrily to him, but his own words in certain Postbags from the Hedge believe this. The player can also speak with the Bank Guard who showed them the magical recording of this and comment the robber looked familiar, while the Guard replies that he, too, is aware of the robber's identity. When the player informs him that the Wise Old Man has admitted to his crimes, the banker replies that the amount of evidence against him makes such a confession nearly unnecessary; the player next asks the Guard whether they will arrest him, the Guard tells the player that "We're certainly keeping an eye on him. I'm afraid I can't give you any more details of the case."

The Wise Old Man attacks 1337sp34kr. Note the two NPCs fighting in the background.


  1. ^ Update:Postbag from the Hedge 12


  • Originally, Wise Old Man was attacked by Watchman random event, not Pillory Guard.
  • All of the "players" killed in the recording are actually NPC's made specifically for the recording, and the robbery never actually "happened"; it only exists in the form of the recording.
  • All NPC's killed in the recording have appeared in either Quests or Gnomecopters.
  • There is a guard that is in a tree near the bank who is staking out the Old Man. You can try to cut the tree, but the guard tells you to stop cutting the tree. You can give him stew and he will reward you with 30 coins for doing that.
  • After 1 April 2008, the "Dragon Kite" was added to Diango's stall, but in the recording it is now there, even though the robbery was committed before the "Dragon Kite" came out.
  • If you right click any of the "players" you will only see the "walk here", "follow" and "trade" options, but not the Request Assist option. This is probably due to the fact that the assist system wasn't in RuneScape when Jagex made the recording.
The Wise Old Man's telescope is pointed at the Wizards' Tower.
  • The spell that the Wise Old Man uses to kill the players has the same sound as the spell Earth Wave.
  • When the "players" died, they dropped ashes, not bones. This is because the "suspect" used his unknown spell that can (and will) incinerate just about anything, not his Saradomin Strike.
  • If you try to pick up the Blue partyhat, the chatbox will say that you do not have enough space for it even if you do.
  • After the animation update in 2009, Elfinlocks now has the new whip, and Cool Mom227 attacks in the new animation.
  • If a player has spoken to the Banker and watched the recording, the first time the Wise Old Man speaks to a player, he will mention that "It's a pity about that vampire that keeps attacking the village," indicating this takes place before Count Draynor's destruction at the hands of a brave human adventurer.
  • The telescope's view seems to be blocked by the Bank, yet you view the Wizards' Tower when you peer through it.

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