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"Draynor" redirects here. For the mansion north of the village, see Draynor Manor. For the vampyre, see Count Draynor.
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Draynor Manor
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Draynor Village is a small village between Falador and Lumbridge. For free players, Draynor Village offers a great woodcutting spot just south of the bank and good ranging targets in the south-east. Draynor Village is under the administration of Varrock, due to the fact it is part of the kingdom of Misthalin.



Draynor Market

Diango's Toy Store

Items for sale in Diango's Toy Store (click to enlarge)

Diango runs Diango's Toy Store selling toy horses, spinning plates and Dragon Kites here. He also returns most holiday items if you lose them.

Fortunato's Fine Wine

Items for sale in Fortunato's Fine Wine (click to enlarge)

Fortunato runs a stall selling wine. Members can steal a variety of items including grapes, jug, jug of water, jug of wine, and bottle of wine. Cooking level of 35 is required to add grapes to jug of water, which gives 200 Cooking experience points. This allows for Cooking experience whilst thieving. Members can also buy jugs of vinegar from Fortunato, which are used in the Rag and Bone man quest and wishlist.

Draynor Seed Market

Olivia runs the Draynor Seed Market stall, the only place where seeds can be bought. The wine stall and seed stalls can be stolen from with the thieving skill.

Martin the Master Gardener

Martin the Master Gardener has a pig pen north of the market and sells farming skill capes, launches quests such as Fairytale I - Growing Pains and can be pickpocketed for seeds.

Buildings of Interest

Draynor Village screenshot

Draynor Village is small, but its central south position on the free-to-play map area and its bank make it an important area. Also, the willows and fishing spots make it a very popular place to train.

Diango's Workshop

Diango's Workshop is where much of the 2005 Christmas event took place, replacement marionettes may be attained here. The workshop is currently inaccessible. Players who have lost any holiday event items since 2002 can talk to Diango to have them returned. The 2006 Halloween event also took place in Diango's Workshop, when players were rewarded with the Skeleton Costume and Jack lantern masks.

Draynor Sewers

Main article: Draynor Sewers
The sewers under Draynor

The north-west entrance to the Draynor Sewers is located slightly north-west of Aggie the Witch's house, while the south-east entrance is located within Lady Keli's jail compound. Zombies and Skeletons inhabit this dungeon, with a few rather unreliable cover spots to fire Crumble Undead spells from. There is an anvil and a permanent fire in a chamber within the dungeon.

It also plays a small role in Desert Treasure.

Morgan's house

Players can talk to Morgan in his house to start the Vampire Slayer quest. They can also pick up the required clove of garlic by searching the cupboard upstairs.


Just west of Morgan's house is a small warehouse which contains 2 log respawns. The only other thing of interest in the warehouse is a barrel with a tap on it. When using a beer glass or tankard on it, you will get beer.

Aggie the Witch

Aggie the Witch lives in her house in Draynor Village. Players can bring her ingredients to get dyes and some other quest related item made. There is also a free respawn of cheese and tomato, useful for cooking pizza.

Ned's house

Ned is an old sailor who is good with ropes, maps, and boats. Players can trade him three balls of wool or pay him 15 coins for a coil of rope. He is also involved in the Dragon Slayer and Prince Ali Rescue quests. Players also speak to him for their final reward in the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary. There is also a fireplace in the house, useful for cooking lobsters from Karamja and training Cooking.

A player kicking the Wise Old Man's bed.

Potter's house

Located in the northern part of Draynor. It includes a potter's wheel for crafting various clay items and a kiln for firing them. It's extremely useful for training crafting at low level because of how close it is to the Draynor bank. It has replaced Barbarian Village in the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary.

The Wise Old Man's house

This used to be a two door cut-through, but the north entrance is no longer available. Jagex changed it a while ago.

This is now the home of the Wise Old Man, who can check the player's bank for leftover free-to-play quest junk. He may buy some items, like Silverlight, but steals any runes players show him. There are strange books on the shelves, as well as a large quantity of tinderboxes (which is why people think he is going to burn down Wizards' Tower), and rumours of some most untoward goings on, including a bank robbery. Some sort of creature seems to be living under the man's bed, as two small green feet are visible. A player can kick the bed causing it to shake. Just as strange, his telescope upstairs is pointing directly towards the Wizards' Tower. Members can run errands for the Old Man by asking him if "there's anything I can do for you" and he will either ask for either a random amount of resources, or something which the player can make or buy (never very expensive), or he will ask if the player can deliver a message for him. Resources include things such as: silk, swamp tar, copper ore, eggs, etc. Rewards vary from a few inexpensive seeds, to a stack of useful herbs, some runes, sometimes some prayer experience (never noted, the Wise Old Man is no friend of the banks, due to an "alleged robbery", so make sure you have an empty inventory when completing his tasks)


There is evidence of increased security at the bank, with one guard standing by the fixed wall and another up a tree. The guard up the tree has a taste for stew and will give you 20 coins and later drop the bowl down should you give him some. With the potato field to the east, and the chicken farm to the west, this is on a par with doing banana picking as a source of a little handy cash.

The bank also is one of the most popular locations for people to buy and sell willow logs, as there are several willow trees nearby. It is also a very popular place for players to burn logs, which gives experience in Firemaking.

If you try to cut the tree closest to the bank, the guard will make comments regarding hitting him with the axe.


Lady Keli's jail guards are an aggressive rabble who set upon travellers on the paths by the compound. Approaching from the east normally allows a quicker entry to the jail, with less exposure to the guards. The jail plays an important part in Prince Ali Rescue.

Because of the jail guards and the area being a multi-combat zone, the jail and its compound are a very dangerous area for low-level players. New players are especially known to get killed in this area because the jail is just adjacent to roads where these players travel.

There are also some nettles nearby.

Draynor Manor

Main article: Draynor Manor

To the north of the village is a large mansion, which is home to three quests. It also houses the inter-dimensional portal that takes players to the Killerwatt plane.

In the back of the mansion, there are gallows. The Draynor Ghost exists and appears there.

Mini Obelisk

Draynor's Mini Obelisk

There is a small obelisk just south of the bank where players may recharge their Summoning points. It is useful to be there, because you can have a bank nearby, as well as an obelisk. Also, a lone black knight wanders the area. It is unknown why he is there. However, according to Betrayal at Falador, the Black Knight may be spying on the Wizard's Tower.



A Shady Stranger trapped in Aggie's house


Grain field

This field here contains wheat (which becomes grain when picked), used to make flour. South of this field players will find Leela, one of the major characters in the Prince Ali Rescue quest.

Heroes' Camp

Found south-east of Draynor on the north-western side of the Lumbridge Swamp is the Heroes' Camp. It has 4 adventurers searching for the "Lost City" of Zanaris. You can speak to any of them to start the Lost City quest. The 4 adventurers consist of a Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, and Monk.

Fishing spots

Shrimps and anchovies may be fished with a small net, while sardine and herring may be fished with a rod and bait.Watch out for a combat level 33 Black Knight roaming the area. However, it's not as aggressive as the Black Knights in the Black Knights' Fortress.

Willow trees

The Draynor Willow Trees

This spot is famous for having many willows and being near a bank, so it is usually heavily crowded. Many people will chop trees there so there are many people to talk to, and since there is a bank, it's easy money/time. There are willow trees close by, with oak trees and normal trees not too far away. It is the proximity of these willow trees from Draynor's bank that made Draynor village very popular for players cutting willow logs as well as buying, selling, and burning willow logs.

It has also been said that random events occur more often in this area, but this is unconfirmed. It may be so, due to the fact that you will be spending a lot of time there, therefore random events will start to come because it may be that you are 'not doing anything' because you aren't always monitoring your screen when you cut logs.

Guard in the tree

There is a bank guard hiding in the tree beside the patched bank wall, with his legs hanging down. He says he's observing a suspect (Wise Old Man). If a player asks to help him, he will ask for a bowl of stew; he'll give the player 30 coins if he gets the stew and drop the bowl after awhile.


  • Unknown Land - The majority of Draynor Village south of Morgan's House.
  • Start - Most of the land north of Draynor Village.
  • High Spirits (Halloween 2006)
  • Diango's Little Helpers (Christmas 2005)
  • Down Below - The Draynor Village Sewer.


  • Examining Fortunato, the owner of the Wine Stall, will display the message "Looks like he could do with a sip of Amontillado". This is a reference to the short story "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe, in which Fortunato insults Montressor and as a result Montressor plots to murder Fortunato in the cellars beneath his house, by giving Fortunato a sip of the rare and famous sherry wine, Amontillado, and then trap him in a niche and entomb him alive.
  • When examining piglets, it can say "I shall call him, Mini Pig". This may be a reference to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.
  • For the two weeks of Hallowe'en 2008, Draynor Village was updated with a Hallowe'en theme. During this time, it was constantly night in Draynor with skeleton banners and giant pumpkin decorations everywhere.
  • Draynor Village has hosted a total of four holiday events: the 2005 Christmas event, the 2006 Hallowe'en event, the 2007 Christmas event, and the 2008 Hallowe'en event.
  • When Update:Behind the Scenes - January (2009) was released, several pillars were added to the north of Draynor.
  • If you have rescued Prince Ali already you can close the jail door, talk to Lady Keli and the guards will not chase you. They will merely walk in front of the door.
  • For the longest time, people presumed that Morgan was the mayor. It was confirm it wasn't him on the 2009 Christmas event released. It was also revealed he is married to Maris, a former level 2 woman.

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