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The Draugen is a level 69 monster that must be defeated to gain council member Sigli's vote in The Fremennik Trials quest. It can only be found by using a special Hunter's talisman given by Sigli the Huntsman. This works very much like a runecrafting talisman, telling the player in which direction to travel to find the Draugen. The monster appears in a different place for every player. Its maximum melee hit is 7.


He will stay within Fremennik province. Near the riverbank of the river that separates the Fremennik Province from the Seer's Village and Sinclair Mansion area. Remember the Draugen is not visible until you get close to his location. When he is found, it will say "The Draugen is here! Beware!". When he is defeated, his undead soul will go into the talisman.

The location of this mysterious spirit will change for each person who adventures on this long quest. Damage dealt or received while fighting Draugen is infrequent, but usually near max hit each hit.

Note: He will appear as a grey butterfly while trying to locate him. When you see the butterfly get close to it and click locate on the talisman.

Fighting the Draugen

It cannot be poisoned and is weak to stab.

Just before you defeat the Draugen, he will be absorbed into the talisman.


  • When you attempt to attack the Draugen without actually finding it (this only happens when another player has found it), you will get the message 'That is someone else's prey...'.
  • Draugen comes from old Norse mythology. "Draugen" transelates into "The Draug", and the name "Draug" comes from the old word "draugr". The word "draugr" can mean any kind of a living dead-person, and the defenition includes ghosts and vampires, but mostly it referes to zombies. "The Draug" (or "Draugen") are taken from old fisherman's stories from the coast of Norway.
  • In Norse mythology a creature known as Draugen is believed to reside wherever there's a body of still water and drag it's ususpecting prey down into their deaths.
  • The Draugen are the departed souls of those who have drowned.

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